Monday, October 24, 2011

Random City. 15 Things You May Not Know About Me. And Maybe You Get To Ask A Question.

First and foremost, did you see today's Plum District deal? $25 for $50 worth of Erin Condren products. If you need an invitation to scoop up this deal click here! Okay, moving onto more important things. 

I thought I would waste today's take today's post and share with you just a few things you may or may not know about me. Mostly because that's all I'm capable of this Monday morning.

1. I don't work out. I never have. I just don't and I likely never will. I'm quick to jump on the bandwagon and try out P90X or Insanity, but I consistently and sorely lack motivation. I haven't been to a gym since 2008. Remember my short stint with Stroller Strides? Well, that was just for Mom-Friends. 

2. I only cook because my Husband and well, now my child, need to eat. If it weren't for these two? I'd be having peanut butter sandwiches and a glass of wine for dinner every night. Throw in a bowl of cereal or two for variety and I'm happy as a clam. 

3.  I've never mowed the lawn but secretly would like to try it out. However, I'm fairly certain my Husband wouldn't let me near his yard with a ten foot pole. Especially near it with something that has blades. 

4. When The Husband isn't home? I let Sheepie lay on the couch. 

5. It typically takes me 4 days on average to finish a single load of laundry. This includes being cycled in the dryer at least twice and eventually making its way upstairs where it will sit for roughly 24-36 hours before it actually gets folded and put away. And typically the folding (and putting away) is done by The Husband. Except for C's clothes. I love folding and putting away C's clothes. Bizarre, I know.

6. I hate to dust. It is my least favorite "chore." But vacuuming? I love vacuuming. If it were an Olympic sport? My vacuum lines would kick your vacuum lines any day. Bring it. 

7. Before having Carter I wore a 9.5 shoe. After having Carter my feet grew to a 10. I hate being a size 10. Seriously? I might as well just wear the boxes. 

8. My big feet do correlate to my height. I am 5'7". I've never considered myself "tall" necessarily, but apparently I am. 

9. I used to be one of those women who refused to wear the same hairstyle every single day. You know, the side bun or the messy bun or the low pony or the side pony, etc. I used to be one of those women who's hair was straightened and blow dried every single day. I am now one of those women who rocks the same hair style every day. And? It's called Mom-Hair. 

10. Speaking of the woman I used to be, I used to be the kind of woman who went every 3-4 weeks religiously for her OPI gel mani. Now? Well, let's just say I haven't seen the inside of a nail salon in ages. Specifically, C's age

11. I cannot ever be in the bathroom with the lights off. All thanks to that stupid Bloody Mary game in junior high school. You know, the one where you're supposed to say her name three times in the dark bathroom and she's supposed to appear in the mirror? Yep, that game. I know, I'm 28 years old. But I just. can't. do. it. 

12. My underwear and bra NEVER match. I always wish they did. More so before I had a child. Now? I'm lucky if I get dressed for the day. But I always wished that I'd had a plethora of those matchy-matchy lace and frilly sets.

13. I am addicted to Peace Teas. They were recently at the local Wally World for $0.97 and you can bet your bottom dollar I practically walked out with a shopping cart full. 

14. Even after 19 months of living in Maryland, I still want to move back to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania felt more like home to me than Maryland ever will. It's a crappy feeling but it's the truth. 

15. I'm attending Blissdom in February. If you had asked when I first started blogging back in December '08 if I thought that I would ever attend a blogging conference I would have laughed at you. Now? I may or may not have a countdown running in my Life Planner. 

Well, Loyals. That's about all I could muster up this Monday. I have a feeling it's going to be a list-full, picture-full kind of week. Don't forge to enter my Minted 75 FREE HOLIDAY CARD giveaway here. It ends tonight! 

Anything else you're dying to know about me? Leave your question in the comment section and maybe I'll get back to you before 2012. Okay, no really. I'll get back to you later this week. Do it. 

Happy Monday, Loyals!


  1. Where in PA? My husband and I moved to VA for a year and I HATED it and couldn't wait to get back to PA, so I can totally relate on this one :)

  2. I am a MD native but do not see us staying here forever. I love PA! We have family in New Hope and I love to go there and visit!

    I love this post today..I only cook too b/c the men in this house need to eat, but I'd be happy w/ an english muffin for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. I've always pictured you at 5'7"! And my feet went up a half-size, too. My mom said it happened progressively with EACH child! NOOOOO!

  4. #1, 2, 3, 11 & 12 are the exact same for me!

    My question is, have you ever been to my neck of the woods (New England)? If so, where and if not, where would you like to go.

    Happy Monday AP!

  5. I wear size 10's too. Sometimes a 9.5. I hate it. Big, huge, stupid feet. But again, I'm 5'7 like you. But. Bah. Dang feet. And yea, I can relate to the PA thing. But I've never left here and if I did? My heart would feel sad. I know it.

  6. I can relate to so many of these! I'm a PA native who is borderline desperate to get out of Maryland after 5 years (and a brief stint in NoVa)...and be grateful you weren't a size 10 BEFORE C because I was before Ace and now I'm a about water skis for feet...FML.

  7. I'm 5'7 with 9.5 shoes too...aka: clown shoes. I have always wanted to be the girl that could wear the display shoes!

    And it takes me f o r e v e r to complete laundry. Hate it.

  8. OMG! #4. EXACTLY ME. Only I love to fold and put away Lily's clothes, not C's. haha

    There's a load in the dryer needing to be re-run RIGHT now.

    Happy Monday!

    And with my first, my feet grew from 9.5 to 10. They didn't grow with Lily. THANK GOD!

  9. I'm with you on 11 and 12. Bloody Mary, every time. Girl, pre-Mia I was a 10, then went up to an 11 while preggo and now I'm between the two depending on the shoe. Super fun. Not!

  10. Finding out bloggers heights is so funny to me. I'm always wrong on how I picture people. I'm 5'9", so I'm even TALLER than you. :) I always assume other people are short.

    And you and I are laundry twins...ugh!

  11. Girlfriend I have a basket of clothes that have been sitting in my room for going on 2 weeks now. Folded, clean, just waiting to be put away. I just pick my underwear out of it and carry on. Hate putting away. And obviously so does the husband, so at least you're lucky in that department.

  12. I am moving to MD in 2 weeks! I am nervous about the cold. Oh well. If I didn't have to feed my toddler and husband, I would eat salad, bean and cheese burritos and cabernet everyday.

  13. PB & J sandwiches and wine for dinner sounds perfect! I HATE cooking! I'm from MD and I promise it's not all bad.:)

  14. I am 5'8 and wear size 8 flip flops/flats/heels but wear a 9 in running shoes.. thanks to my second toe being longer than my first. Size 10? I couldn't imagine!

  15. I wear a size 11 and I was terrified with pregnancy I'd have to go up in size. Thank baby Jesus I didn't. I also hate working out unless it's a few very specific activities that I obviously can't do with a toddler around (yoga, Pilates etc). Oh and about laundry, I'm a slob. And I've never mowed a lawn.

  16. My feet got bigger with pregnancy, too. They are still small, but it sucks thatall my old boots and shoes had to go bye bye.

  17. I think you and I were separated at birth - expect for the height thing. I'm a shorty. And hey! I'm from MD! And I feel the same ways about MD vs. MO that you feel about PA vs. MD. Do you get to move back home at some point, or are you stuck in MD?

  18. you better blog about the conference! so cool :)

  19. I despise dusting too. It is ridiculous!

    My bra and underwear never match either. I honestly can't think of a time they ever have. Wow, that's pathetic. My poor husband...

  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move to PA! I just met a mom at the park the other day who went to Villanova and is a nurse. She is like your twin! We could all be bff..pretty please!

    Also..i've worked out about 6 times since college..or perhaps my entire time at college? I'd rather sit my ass on the couch!

    I'm sure my husband would enjoy some matching sexy underwear too..rather than some target bikini briefs and a sports bra. Who wouldn't be turned on by that!

  21. I loved learning a little more about you. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! :)

  22. I tried to mow once. Because I LOVE to vacuum and well mowing seems like that - except for outside. Let's just say I nearly broke the mower and I mowed in flip flops which apparently is a big no-no? So. I never was "allowed" to do it again. I think my husband has taken over the cooking because I too could live off of cereal and be happy. I hate laundry but love love organizing Savannah's closet and drawers. And? I always love the thought of matching bras to underwear....but....I don't think much goes with super non sexy nursing bras. And I always gravitate to nude and black bras which are easy and not sexy... Happy Monday!!!

  23. This made me chuckle on multiple occasions. You're hilarious Ashley!!

  24. oh my goodness, totally on #11!!! I FREAK if I go into the bathroom in the dark!

    Don't bother mowing the lawn. My mom mowed the lawn...Once.... never again. My dad came home, and went right back out and re-mowed the lawn, because apparently the lines weren't going in the right direction!

  25. Yay for Blissdom! I have my ticket too. :)

  26. Just look at it this way...your big feet make your legs look skinner.

    I have lots of questions - mostly because I love reading the Q&A posts:

    1. How does your hubby handle the tension between you and your in-laws?

    2. What's your favorite Chardonnay?

    3. What was your favorite girl name when you were preggo with C?

    4. What will you do differently with a newborn next time around?

    5. Any good suggestions for finger foods? And how did you get C to use a spoon, eat well, etc?

  27. I am the exact same way on #s 2-5. The laundry one would be 10x worse if I had a bigger house with a place to leave it once it's dry. Thankfully, I fold on the bed, so it has to be done by bedtime. (Or it gets shoved in the basket and I pretend it's just dirty until the next day. :-))

  28. I wish I were still a 10. Somewhere during my freshman year of college I became an 11. Woof. Most stores don't even carry my size, it sucks a fat one. At least I'm almost 6 ft tall so it's not as noticable that I have giant clown feet.

    I've not heard of Blissdom. Is it like Blog-Her?

  29. Aww and here I am, I'd love to move back to MD! Not where I grew up, but around where I went to school. If you think MD is bad, try Delaware it's worse. I promise you!

    I am 5'4 and I went from a size 10 to a size 10.5-11 after I had Ci. Now I fit back in to some of my 10's.

    I am with you on folding and putting clothes away. I hate it. They sit in my room for days and it bugs my husband.

  30. We are seriously twins. TWINS I TELL YOU! Except for the height and shoe thing.. I am 5'3" and wear 8.5 shoes, but the ratio is still there, right? I have pretty long, skinny feet for my height. Not very attractive.

    Anywhoo.. Hmm.. What do I want to know???

    What do you feed C for breakfast? (Owen is bored with his foods lately..)

    When is baby #2 coming?? ;)

    When are we planning the cruise?

  31. I am EXACTLY the same on #4,5,6,11,12. This post made me smile!!

  32. I may have a heart attack if my foot grows during pregnancy. Because I have 75 pairs of size 5.5 shoes hanging out in my closet that I won't be able to afford to replace.

    My questions: best thing and worst thing about having a baby? Honestly. :-)

  33. As far as laundry...I'm the same. It's a rare occasion that it gets folded and put away the same day it gets out of the machines. And bras and panties....I didn't know they were supposed to match (hehe) I don't do that either. LOL! Never have, and probably never will! It's all good!!

  34. I love this post and we are so much alike!
    I mean I could have written the majority of those things in a random post about myself.
    Can't wait for Blissdom!!!!

  35. Dude. Get your arse down South now. We are so meant to be bffs. I love to dust, but hate to vacuum. Trade??!

    I still love to put up E's clothes. Nothing more precious than tiny baby laundry. Everyone elses? Goes through the wash and the dryer at least twice. Oops.

  36. I don't know how I missed this yesterday!

    my laundry sits in the dryer forever and then on the couch and it may get put away at some point. I don't cook...married a man who loves to cook which is amazing! i rock mom hair and mom style. i would love to move back home to VA!

  37. I promise that I read everything you said but all I see is that you're going to Blissdom! SQUEEEEEEE! You better find me AP!! :)

  38. Where were you from in PA?
    I wish more bloggers lived in PA so I could meet more of them :(

  39. Loved reading this! I won't tell you that I had a size 6.5 foot before baby and a size 7 now. Opps! :)

  40. I have the same issue with the lights off in the bathroom, because of the same "game."

  41. Oh my gosh. I think I could have written a good portion of this! Especially the laundry one. My mother in law is in town and she did our laundry and folded it three days ago...I still have yet to put it up. Have fun at Blissdom. I just moved from Nasvhlle to TX. Love Nashville!!

  42. I've never mowed either. I might like to cut one line, but then it wouldn't be "my thing" My grandfather would never let me try, so now my excuse is that I have to have something in life that I've never know, for when we play "I've never" :)

    I'm scared to death of Bloody Mary, but I still go to the bathroom with the lights off. I just close my eyes and run past the mirror.

    I was wondering if you were still doing stroller strides. I thought about joining too, but 100 bucks a month seemed like a lot for mom friends...because I definitely wouldn't be commited to the working out part.

    My underwear and bra matched one time-for 3 days. I wore a white strapless dress to my after wedding brunch, so I had on a nude strapless bra and nude colored underwear. After a crazy drive to get to the airport-4 hours away because it was cheaper, which was a seriously bad call since 3.5 hours into the trip my new husband realized he'd left his passport and we had to do it two more times-we barely made it on time to catch our flight. When we arrived in Costa Rica, we learned that our luggage didn't. I was so thankful for that matching set because I finally sucked it up and sat poolside pretending that it was a bikini. Tacky? Perhaps. But, we were the only ones there and it was my only honeymoon. Trust-I did try to purchase a new suit, but despite how valuptuous those CR women were, they kept trying to sell me children's bathing suits.


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