Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Had Paparazzi.

Or, if I couldn't have my own paparazzi, then maybe I could just have one super great friend who just happened to be a photographer or rather, heck, just really good at taking pictures, who might just so happen to capture some amazing candids of me and C while, say, at a local pumpkin farm. 

Heck, I'd appreciate candids captured in my own back yard! 

Loyals, that's my mom-friend. (Hi, Mom-friend!) Doesn't she have fabulous hair? Take a minute and welcome her, as this is her very first appearance on this here blog. As so many of you have noticed, there are very few holds barred when writing here about my life and my family- I do tend to draw the line when introducing others though, because, well, not everyone loves to talk about themselves on the internet. So, that's probably the last picture you'll see of my mom-friend! But see? She really does exist.

Back to the issue at hand. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE capturing these sweet moments for my friends. It's just one of the bazillion reasons that I love taking pictures. I just wish that sometimes, someone could do the same for me. 

Someone other than The Husband. Because those "candid" moments? Are typically staged. And shot dozens of times because in between bossing him around and telling him "hold the camera this way! no this way! now shoot this way! and make sure you get this angle.." I'm trying to suck it in, genuinely smile and wrangle The Crazy Toddler into a semi-candid pose.  

Which typically results in an all around #fail. 

So, who's willing to come hang out with me and be my personal paparazzi for a day? Heck, we have a whole extra guest bedroom that's just begging for takers! I promise I'll return the favor. 

The good news? I'm not alone. This mama and this one, too, would like some paparazzi of their own, as well.  

Happy Wednesday, Loyals!


  1. My daughter has that outfit that sweet little one is wearing. It's so cute!! Great picture :)

  2. I think ALL mamas wish for paparazzi. My husband needs things staged, too. I'm honestly not sure why because his freakin' thumb always gets in the way. I'm scrambling at the moment because I have a great vision for our holiday card, but how am I going to do it when I (the picture taker) have to be in it?!

    Too bad we don't live next door to each other. I'm not as awesome as you when it comes to photography, but I can be trusted with capturing candid moments.

  3. I'm in! I agree with you. I'm usually the one behind the camera and I'd love for more shots with me and my little man.

  4. I totally feel the same way! I never have any pictures with S because I'm always the one taking them. Sucks a fat one.

  5. I wish I had paparazzi too! It would just make things so much easier, right? How about I come stay in your guest room and we can just be each other's paparazzi. Not sure how the husbands would like that, but at least we'd have the photos we want. HA!

  6. I would love someone following me and the kiddos around taking pics. I'm always the one taking the photos, unless I ask the hubby. it would be so nice to have some photos with my kids that, like you said, are not staged. Oh this mama can dream! :oP

  7. Love this picture so much AP!

    I am just making it to my reader today but checked my blog stats first. I was wondering why I had so many hits from your blog!

    If I lived in MD you better believe I would capture sweet picture of your and C. But, I confess some of them might be wonky b/c of the amounts of wine we would consume when together!

  8. I second this. My husband is maybe a worse picture taker than I I can count the number of pics I have with Jamie on one hand. Lame.

  9. I am usually the paparazzi of my friends and I... and if you were closer I would probably take a million candid pics of you guys!!!

  10. That is sooooo true. Would love a pap. That is the cutest pic too. LOVE your blog!

  11. I think Timothy thinks I am his personal paparazzi, like everyday!

    Haven't had much time to chat this week-- so, hope you are having a great week!

    Oh. You can come to SC and stay with me anytime.. Not just to take razzi pics. Just putting it out there..

  12. before I started reading, my first thought was "that girl has such pretty hair!" and then you wrote it! how funny.

  13. Whenever I look through our family albums, there's a 50 of our dad to every one of my mom. I thunk it's part of the mom territory!

  14. Ok, lets meet up! We'll have a playdate somewhere between you and me!

  15. I could have written this exact post ('cuz I think it ALL.THE.TIME)! I basically don't exist unless I set up a tripod (#notthesame).


    (Oh. And "Hi". Jenni sent me. ;)


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