Thursday, October 13, 2011

Easy DIY: Carter's Pinterest-Inspired Present For His Daddy

Weeks before Husband's birthday, I knew I wanted to do something special for him. Special as in "some sort of cutesy artsy-fartsy craft" that C could help with that he could hang on his office wall. I mean, isn't that what all Dads look forward to? An office full of their kid's arts and crafts? I mean, if you were to walk into my Dad's office you would be met with an over-abundance of soup-can meets modge podge pencil cups and handmade paperweights. 

It's kind of like a right of passage into Fatherhood, is it not? 

So, I turned to Pinterest. You can never go wrong with Pinterest. Here's the pin that started it all:

And here's the finished product:

I think for a first attempt it turned out pretty great, right? Granted, I stripped C down to his diaper and wasn't exactly sure how to go about painting his hands up- but with a hope and a prayer, we managed to keep the blue paint on the table and the intended paper. A win-win in my book!

If interested, here's what you'll need to recreate this project: 

  • 1 8.5x11" frame - I purchased mine from Walmart for $3.99
  • 2 Card stock in desired colors - You'll need at least 2 8.5x11" sheets for the background and body of the owl. I purchased a few extra just in case and also scooped up a pack of multi-colored 3x5" card stock for the owls.. parts (eyes, beak, legs, etc!).
  • 1 glue stick 
  • 1 small bottle of paint (I used acrylic because I had some on-hand, but i'm sure you could substitute something safe(r) like washable kid paint!)
  • scissors, glue dots and a marker.  

Here's what you'll do:

I basically free-handed the entire owl. I just went to town cutting out the body first and then working on his parts.

Then? I glued him down. 

I free-handed what I wanted C's gift to say and then I poured some paint in thin layer onto a paper plate.

I stripped C down to his diaper and went a-dipping and a-pressing. Wha-la! Super cute gift idea for Husband's 29th birthday. 

Needless to say, we had a blast and Husband can't wait to hang his new picture on the walls in his office! Oh, the first of many, Husband. The first of many... 

Happy Thursday, Loyals!

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  1. That is positively precious! I wish J had an office so we could make him arts and crafts!!!!

  2. So cute!!!! I am obsessed with all of the handprint art on pinterest!

  3. Love this! So very cute. I need to do some things for Michael's office. I'm pretty sure he still just has newborn pics in there. Oops!

  4. So cute! I just pinned this last night actually. Carter's turned out great.

  5. Okay- this is so freaking cute. I've GOT to do a better job of making crafts with my boys.

    Also, you should go link-up with my Pinspired post! :)

  6. Super cute!!!

    I feel like an EC stalker today! Everyone has sent me there for some bloggy love and good juju for winning this giveaway! Thanks for hosting!!!


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