Friday, September 2, 2011

The Obligatory Case Of The Birthday Gimmies

It's that time of year again. September rolls around, the air feels a little crisper and Starbucks finally rolls out their PSLs. It's everyone's favorite time of year, right? Okay, who am I kidding? None of that really matters as much as what happens on September 14th. The day of my birth, dear Loyals. Mark it all down in your Erin Condren Life Planners

This time last year I was a brand spanking new Mommy to Baby C. Coasting on fumes having just given birth to a 9lb 10oz toddler a mere month and a half earlier. Last year's wish list should have included things like "a full night's sleep," and "the chance to eat a meal without having someone attached to my boob." Instead, I was lusting after Frye boots and sweaters. Now, a full year later and one seasoned pro of a Mommy (it's cool, you can stop laughing now) here's what this year's Birthday Gimmies List looks like:

Ugg Bailey Button Tall Boot in Chesnut. No, I am not kidding. Go ahead and stone me. But? I live in my Uggs. And having had to toss many a pair in the my past thanks to paint and dog poop, I'm due for a new pair. Or two. Moving on...

Ugg Mountain Quilted Short Boot in Grey Cable. Like I said, I'm due for a new pair. Or two. And I have major plans to live in leggings this winter. Major. 

The Canon 85mm 1.8. I need a new lens like I need a hole in my head. I know, I know. I just bought a new lens. But? You see, lenses are like crack. You need more. I need more. I'm practically smacking my median cubital vein as I type this. I'm a lens junkie. I admit it. I won't continue to bore you with other photog-wants. But believe me, there are plenty.  

Loyals, I can't believe I'm saying this. That's really all I want. There's no Yurman topping this year's list. Even my old standby Tiffany's didn't score a mention. Did you hear that Husband? I know, it's shocking. 

Oh.. Before I go, perhaps you'd like to know what I gifted myself with for this year's birthday? Let's just say I'm patiently waiting for my pre-ordered Libby Bag to arrive. Isn't she a beauty?

Happy Friday, Loyals.
Love, your Ugg-wearing, camera-lens-junkie, almost twenty-eight-year-old,



  1. Ooh, pretty bag! I've not heard of that designer before, but I like the look of her stuff.

    I also have an unusually Tiffany-free gimmies list this fall that includes a real camera (thanks again for your advice on that) versus my usual jewelry, jewelry, and a small side of jewelry.

  2. Love your comment about the Erin Condren planners. It's been funny to me lately that everyone is posting about their Erin Condren life planners, and even doing vlogs about it. I don't have the time to even sit down and starting planning out a life planner.

  3. I LOVE UGGS. I don't care who thinks they're ugly, I don't care that I live in TX, they keep my tootsies warm dammit!

  4. Happy Early Birthday. I also have a large list this year- including some new Uggs!

    We are 2 days apart. :-) I'll be 28 on 9/12. September is such a awesome month.

  5. I have the bailey button in chestnut classic short, and I loveeeeee them. Love. That bag is a great color and would match the boots perfectly :)

  6. "smacking my median cubital vein" Bahha. Too funny!
    And that bag is beautiful! See, your birthday is already a success thanks to that!

  7. a new camera is on my list....i'm sure the lenses are soon to follow!! :)

  8. LOVE my uggs. No matter what anyone says! I am so anxious to buy little Saige her first pair. I lost my first pair of uggs to a crazy night of Running of the Santas in Philly. Ever do it? After being covered in beer and muck, they were never the same :(

  9. I want the Libby bag too!!! I love the name ;) and my birthday is in about a month so I was kind of hoping for it but I don't think it's going to happen this year! To expensive! :(

  10. You know I still don't own one single pair of Uggs and I've been asking for a pair for years?? Sadness.

    I didn't realize our birthdays are only three days apart. And that you're a year younger than me. Crazy. Youngn' ;)

  11. almost 28? Shit, I'll be 29 in Jan!! 30 is gonna be a big one, lots of gifts to pad my aging misery! Love the Uggs by the way I have about 5 pairs myself (hey it gets cold in AZ, 60 degrees is cold, brr!)

  12. I love UGGs to (shhhh don't tell anyone) :) I'm thinking they belong on my Christmas list! That bag is to DIE for, so pretty!

  13. Any blog which includes the words boob and poop herein is a good blog entry indeed. Who says you haven't been writing good posts lately?

    Have a good weekend - and get at me about Little Joys if you get a chance! :) xoxo

  14. Such a good birthday list! I live in my Uggs too, it's ok, I promise.

    Also, you're a lens junkie? I was just reading about someone else being on too. And now I'm feeling like I should play around with some different lenses...

    Happy Friday AP!

  15. I like the grey boots and the bag you ordered! Nice choices!

  16. I'm late reading this, but I gotta tell ya, Uggs are the best shoes I've ever owned and a girl can never have too many. Bold statement I know. I'm currently lusting for/having every intention of purchasing as soon as I can decide on a color a pair of Hunter wellies. :)


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