Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Case of the Birthday Gimmies.

Let's see.

If I didn't have the cutest, most adorable baby on the planet, or

If I wasn't currently sans a hardworking job with a paycheck, or

If darling Hubs and I had a completely frivolous and expendable lifestyle, or

If we had a grove of money trees growing in our backyard, or

Especially if the Birthday Fairy were to visit me tomorrow (or in seven days on the day of my actual birth)...

I would show her this list. Because I want them. All of them.

$428.00 (I'm sorry,  I just gagged and choked).

$158.00 (We'd only have to eat Ramen for two months, not three)

$58.00 (do-able, no?)

$68.00 (love this.)


$89.00 (because these scream "Mom" shoe, right?)

$84.00 (love the versatility of this, paired with leggings? love.)

It's nice to know that despite being a Mom, I've still managed to retain some sort of fashion sense. My pre-baby figure? To sport that still maintained fashion sense? Well, that's a whole other story. One day, right?


  1. love the boyfriend dress and steve maddens! a girl can wish, right?!

  2. beautiful. all beautiful! i want it all as well! happy (SOON) birthday!

  3. LOVE all of this! Boots are def going to be my weakness this fall...and I'm talking Frye boots. I just cannot stay away. I've never owned a pair, but it seems everytime I go to look at boots, I choose another Frye pair.


  4. Love the boyfriend dress, pullover and Marc Jacobs bag. All of them so gorgeous and so very necessary.

  5. Love all your choices...I hope the birthday fairy pays you a visit!

    So I entered the mall today armed with a little birthday cash...I perused Macys and checked out the free people and bcbg fall arrivals..then proceeded to JCrew to drool over the sweaters, wool minis, and sparkly necklaces...what did I leave with you ask?? A nursing bra and Carters onesies...who am I?

  6. Hey! September baby!!! Me too! So is my hubby! I love it all! No way that Birthday fairy could stop by my place too eh? ;)

  7. Okay I want all of those things for my birthday too. It is in 16 days. Sadly... I don't think ANYONE will buy me those gifts. Looks like I might have to take matters into my own hands. THANKS for the inspiration tho - happy birthday month!

  8. Love the necklace...cause it's one size fits all...even after having a baby, right?!


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