Monday, September 12, 2011

13 Months Meets 7 Months: All I've Got This Monday Morning.

Thirteen and a half months, post-nappage happening there on the left. Seven and a half months, hanging out in the living room happening on the right. Oh, my GAH. Those eyes. 

Life is happening. Again.
Bear with me, loyals?

Stay tuned for an AH-MAZING giveaway opportunity from this FAH-BULOUS company tomorrow. Believe me, you will NOT want to miss it. It's got an "AP&C" stamp of approval all over it! 

Love, love, love.



  1. He is getting so big! His eyes are truly beautiful! Here's hoping my blue eyes dominate the gene pool next time!

  2. Those eyes are RIDICULOUS! Can you say heartbreaker?

  3. He is growing so much, and his eyes, LOVE! Such a handsome little dude!

  4. Oh...his eyes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! What a handsome little man!

  5. Look at those eyes is right! wow.

  6. I can't take it. Love post nap pics and the squishiness. I think it's perfect for a Monday.

  7. such a cutie pa-tootie!!! his eyes are amazing!! my cullen has bright blue eyes right now curious to see if they will stay that way! i wish i had an awesome camera to take pics and brighten his baby blues!
    p.s. put a link on my post today to your blog, about your ribbon wreath on pinterest!!

  8. What a cutie!!! I love this age where they really start to look like little men! ;) My nephew is at the same stage and I just want to squish & kiss his cheeks all the time!!! Well, when he's not screaming. ;)


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