Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we may not
have it all together.
but, together
we have it all.

please take note of the dog toy, the fact that my husband fell asleep holding the remote and the random baby sock off to the left. i do have to mention that this picture was snapped during the first week of Carter's welcoming home. we have come a LONG way since then and my husband no longer falls asleep holding the remote. he knows better to hand it off to me before heading off to dreamland.

love you, hubs!


  1. Love this~~ My hubby always falls asleep with the remote and when you try and take it he wakes up!

  2. sweet!!
    side note..I remember my sister calling me in tears when she fell asleep with her baby boy on her boob ;) this def sounds like something that will happen to me..
    seems like your hubs and you are doing a terrific job as mommy and daddy...thanks for keeping us updated!


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