Monday, August 30, 2010

Being A Mommy Is The Easiest Job I've Ever Had. Come Again?!

So, I just got off the phone with my husband's cousin and probably the only true "mommy friend" that I have. She's a wonderfully hilarious and successful Mommy of a beautiful six year old girl who just started the first grade today. Needless to say, my mommy friend was a basket case. The kind of basketcase that offered to buy her daughter a puppy if she wouldn't go to the first grade. Don't worry, she was only half serious.

Her daughter's response? "Mommy, I have to go. It's the law." And when she told her daughter, "Okay, then I'll just go with you!" Her sweet reply was, "No, Mommy. That's embarassing." Can you believe it? I die of laughter. Whenever I talk to my cousin-in-law I tell her she needs to write a book.

But I digress. I wanted to write a quick post about the realization I came to while on the phone with my friend.

Being a Mommy isn't difficult at all. No, I never said it wasn't exhausting. Or emotionally draining. I said it wasn't difficult. Before you judge me, bear with me. I love being a Mommy and although I love being a nurse and knew that I was always meant to be a nurse, I also knew that I was meant to be a Mommy. Most of being a new Mom is instinctual. You would never think that, but once that sweet baby is in your arms, it's innate.

Ten months you grow and nuture this baby. You read books, you take classes, all the time wondering "can I really do this?" And suddenly? You give birth and it all comes naturally. Believe me, if you had said this to me 5 weeks ago, I would have called your bluff and laughed it off (and continued to freak out about not knowing what to do with a 10lb. defenseless newborn).

But like I said, being a Mom is simple. It's the rest of life that becomes difficult. The laundry. The cooking. The keeping house. Keeping up with myself, my family and my friends. I know with time it will get easier. But right now? Being a Mommy, being the one thing my son needs, is the easist job I've ever had. It's everything else that's suddenly difficult.

But I know that's all OK for now. I've found contentment in little accomplishments. One load of laundry every couple of days is a big deal. Who cares if it cycled through the dryer four times before you finally got around to emptying it and folding it? It's done.

Showering. Showering has never been such a luxury. And if I can sneak in an extra five minutes to deep condition? I'm blessed.

I'm also very lucky that I have a husband that doesn't mind working long days and coming home only to walk the Sheepie and then cook dinner.

Right now though? The laundry and the showers? They aren't my priorities. And there's no doubt that it would be nice if I had it together enough to have a well fed, content baby and already-walked sheepdog with dinner simmering on the stove by the time my husband walked through the door. But the handsome little man staring up at me? Depending on me? He's my priority. He can take all of my time that he needs. Because I'm his Mommy. And I can do that. Simply and without question.

I know soon enough I'll be able to juggle all those things. But for now? I'll relish in the time that I don't necessarily need to worry about all of those things. Most importantly? I'll be accepting of that.


  1. My best friend always says how exhausted she is from the baby. So I give all of you new mommies a lot of credit!!! xxxooo

  2. Mommy... the one job I want to have more than anything. Perhaps someday. And I agree with everything you've said. Beautifully written.

    Happy Monday to you!

  3. I'm so thrilled that you are so fulfilled in your new mommy role! That's great!

  4. Aw, I love this - good to know that it will all just fall into place. Keep enjoying this special time in your life!

  5. beautiful post!! I am waiting for those motherly instincts!

  6. I have to agree. I completely get BG and understand what she needs, but... it took me months to figure out everything else! Now I get that too. You will always be tired, but when she naps, I get stuff done now. Which I should be doing right now.. oops.

  7. THANK YOU for recognizing that pregnancy is TEN months and not nine!!! I mean, hello...FORTY weeks. Do the math people.

    ps...I tagged you in a little game of '8 Questions'

  8. I type this as a sweet little 2 week old girl sleeps on my chest. I have laundry that needs done and sheets that haven't been washed in about 3 weeks but OH WELL. This time on my couch with her on my chest is the ONLY place I want to be now. She won't want to do this in a few months so I'm taking it while I can.

  9. You are so right! I never thought of it this way... you're a genius woman!

  10. Brilliant, I love it! :) Can't wait to read more.

  11. Oh, how I love you blog friend..... I SO needed to read this today. 4 weeks to go until we meet our little guy and so much of what you've referenced (previous posts, etc.) in your blog today apply perfectly to me because I too am "type-A".

    I'm anxious, giddy, nervous, overjoyed, SO ready to not be pregnant, SO eager to meet him, SO wishing I had 6 months of pay in savings... ha! A lot of different things at once. But, reading all of this is so very comforting.

    Thanks, friend! :)


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