Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can You Be An Over Achiever at 3 Weeks Old?

"Mom! What do you mean I never wore newborn sized clothes? And I only wore newborn sized diapers while in the hospital? Is it true? I've been wearing size 1 diapers since coming home?!"

Yes, Mr. Carter. It's true. Your Daddy and I quickly realized during one of your middle of the night meltdowns, that you do not fit in newborn stretchies. After coaxing your flailing limbs into an adorable stretchie covered in puppy dog paw prints, as we began to snap it up, we quickly realized it didn't cover your shoulders! You're too long, sweet boy, for newborn sized clothes! Good thing we didn't stock up on too many..

As for newborn size diapers? You wore them while in the hospital. And once your Daddy and I ran through the small stash that we took home with us from the hospital, we started putting you in the Huggies Size 1's and they fit like a charm.

Not to mention, son, you've also been holding your neck up like a champ. Even the pediatrician was surprised at your strength and coordination! You love tummy time and will expertly turn your head to the side once on your belly. Within seconds you start moving your legs a mile a minute and lifting your head clear off of your play mat. Some days it seems like you'll be crawling tomorrow and asking to borrow the car by the weekend!

As for sleep? You love it just as much as Mommy. Unfortunately, just at awkward times of the day! Your last meal at the "boobie buffet" is typically between 10 and 11 at night. Once your little tummy is full, we've been putting you to sleep in your bassinet swaddled, fat and happy. You'll continue to snooze for about 4 or 5 hours, when it's up again for an early morning snack. An hour later, you're back to sleep and this time, Mommy sneaks you into bed with her. We've deduced that this is your favorite place to sleep, skin to skin with Mommy on her chest. It's the best sleep you're both able to get and Mommy secretly adores it. Another 4 hour stretch passes, it's around 8am and we kiss Daddy goodbye as he heads off to work.

Just within this past week, Carter, you've been awake and alert for longer periods throughout the day! You're averaging five to seven hours of awake time (often in three hours stretches) and your Mommy loves it! We lay around on the couch all day and play with your "stuffies," or we'll venture upstairs and spend some time on your play mat! You LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror and we can get the most coo's out of you when you see yourself! It's to die for..

Not a day goes by that we are not amazed by you, darling boy! We all joke that I gave birth to a 3 month old!

We kind of expected it though. If you're anything like your Mommy and Daddy, you're already an over-achiever!


  1. so sweet!! sounds like you've got a pretty good schedule going on :) how's your dog handling everything/getting along? we're concerned about our pup!

  2. He is so well as this post! So glad that things are going well!!

  3. He's precious, what a big boy!

  4. I spy an adorable crop of blonde hair sprouting! Love it! He won't be rocking the bald head much longer! It's funny how a few pounds make all the difference at this age...Jamie is swimming in all his 0-3 mos clothes and I bought practically nothing in newborn size. Figures I'd have a little peanut on my hands!

  5. Congrats on your beautiful Carter and his accomplishments! He is one smart baby already! Might I add... he looks just like his mama. Definitely has your eyes. It's amazing, I showed hubby your baby's picture and said he was 3 weeks old and he said "wow. he looks more like 3 months." I mean really, he already looks so much more grown up! BTW.... BEAUTIFUL push gift. My hubby needs to get some tips from yours when it comes to my time ;)

  6. LOVE that picture - his expression is priceless!

  7. Look at those gorgeous eyes! OMG, I just die. He's too precious! Can't we get together for a play date? That would be so awesome.

  8. What a cutie! He's already growing up!! How exciting to see all his progress.

  9. omg omg omg!
    clearly i've been MIA from blogland.. but girl, look at this bundle of amazingness!

    he's so perfect! :)

    you're so lovely...

    your birth story had me in tears... the pics i am oohing and ahhing over...

    so very precious.

    CONGRATS x a million!



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