Friday, June 5, 2009

Unintentional Blog Post Rant.

I am stressed.
Work this week has gotten the best of me.
I am behind on laundry, food shopping and blogging.
Shame on me.

I just received my fourth and final installation of my Loan Repayment monies through the hospital that I work for. I was pleasantly surprised as I logged into our bank account so that I could begin the biweekly jostling of finances. My hopes for one of these:

were suddenly dashed as I knew there would be no convincing Hubs to let me "skim" some of the money intended for my student loans to instead purchase the Canon EOS 40D. Pictures of Turks and Caicos just won't be the same using my much loved, but not loved as much Canon Powershot.

Welp. Why does my husband have to be so financially smart and savvy?


  1. my future hubs is the same way! he always says "just bc we have money - doesnt mean we have to spend it." i dont even know what that means!

    without him i would be a financial disaster!

  2. i would def consider one of these a smart investment! go for it!!

  3. We have the Canon Powershot too. Can't remember what number after Canon Powershot, LOL! We also have the Rebel XD....I do love Canon's :)

    And girl, my husband is a financial master of household as well. Good thing or the house would be dressed to the nine's but we wouldn't have a penny, HA!

  4. We have a Powershot too, and after getting a Nikon D90 I have to say - Nikon is much, much better. Although the Canon software adds are better. If you do decide to get an SLR, take a look at the Nikons. I love my camera!

  5. My ex-boyfriend was the SAME way. And while it annoyed me at the time (always putting a dampening on my new and crazy awesome plan) I am so grateful now to have had that lesson drilled into my head! Well, mostly anyways. :) After the break up there was some DEFINITE retail therapy.

  6. Why are most men "financially savy"? My closet would be twice the size if hubs didn't make put stuff back every time we go shopping.

  7. That's great that the loan money came in :-) I can understand where your husband is coming from. While both my husband and I are financially frugal, he is much more so and would probably pitch a fit if I made a suggestion like that. Sorry!

  8. i agree - i would consider that an investment. with that said, i'm definitely the spender of this household and my hubby is much more careful.

    and why is it that EVERYONE i know is dying at work right now? i have never, ever been so busy and completely worn out due to work. must be the economy and the fact that we are all doing the work of two jobs and only getting paid for one. yippee! ;-)

    happy saturday!


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