Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Green Thumb.

Remember this post? It's the one about the time Hubs and I went to Home Depot and spent an exorbitant amount of money on flowers while Hubs threatened my entire flower-deserving-future on my ability to keep said flowers alive?
Well, I would like to take this post to introduce you to our "deckgarden."
I would also like to give myself a tiny pat on the back. Why? I happened only to kill a single hanging basket of miniature impatients and to this day, cannot figure out how, since I swear up and down I watered them every other day.

bog boy tomatoes, hot peppers,
dill, oregano and rosemary and hot pink geraniums

strawberries, a creepy-crawly purple plant,
bsail and curly parsley

Mmmm.. Strawberry smoothies..

Peppermint and Spearmint for a summer's worth of Mojitos

Hubs says the secret is in the mixing of potting soil and topsoil. I think it has a little to do with the 2 teaspoons of miracle grow plant food I mix with each gallon of water I lug out onto the deck every Sunday morning. In a leaky pitcher, I might add. Hubs, you think we can spring for a watering can now? You know, one of those cute ones I pointed out a HomeGoods last weekend? I'm just saying...

The first round of fresh tomato, basil and mozz is on me this summer..


  1. Oy! You are doing Wayyyy better than us. Our brown thumb made itself evident this weekend.. I think we killed our tree..

  2. yum.. this looks amazing!!! whenever i ever get a house i want to garden, xxxooo

  3. YAY!!! Congrats!!! Your garden looks amazing!!

    I also have been threatened this year with doing my "chores" (it's a joke, sorta) as far as watering and keeping all of these crazy plants alive. It gives me a lot of anxiety!!!

    Hope you have a great Monday! :)

  4. You're doing such a fantastic job! Your strawberries look great! We're growing them too...and I can't wait for them to get bigger. They are so tiny now :)

  5. Nice work!

    I'm soooooo behind. Last summer I had 6 basil plants and this year I haven't even started!

  6. Look at your deck! It is so tropical and lush out there. The strawberries look delicious! I am so bad at keeping plants alive.

    You're welcome for the thank you I am late to getting back to you on that, but I am with you and think that they never go out of style either ;)

    You're also welcome to come to the pool anytime you want! :)

  7. I love it! Our grass is still struggling to grow...keep your fingers crossed that the healthy stuff will take over the yard while we still live here!

  8. pretty impressive! hubs and i managed to kill hedges.. and those are supposed to be really hardy!!


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