Tuesday, June 9, 2009

His and Hers.

Initially, I had begun writing this post to share a picture
of something that happens to brighten my day, no matter what the day brings.

Cue bedroom nightstand
with beautiful peonies and gerbera daisies.

Despite the occasional eye-roll, I am so thankful that Hubs lets my inner Martha (as in Stewart) shine, by allowing me free reign to fill almost every room in our house with a vase full of fresh flowers. In my book, a room is not fully decorated unless it boasts a pretty blossom (or two! or ten!)

There's seems to be something in the air that's making for a hellish work week for everyone lately, no matter where you work, and throughout the unneccessarily chaotic and overwhelming day today, I kept thinking about these flowers, especially the magenta peonies and couldn't help but smile.

After snapping a few photos of my nightstand, I noticed that Hubs' nightstand looks drastically different than mine. As in, desolate, drab, rather monochrome and lonely- different. It's well, a guy's nightstand!

You don't quite follow? Here's a few more pictures of my nightstand:

Yankee candle Beach Walk (adore the relaxing scent and bonus points for matching the theme of the Master Bedroom), the mandatory vase full of fresh flowers, coral/seashell frame of "The Married Ones" and a starfish trinket box that holds the jewelry I wear on a daily basis.

And now, the Mr.'s nightstand:

Portable DVD player for those lonely nights sans Hubs where all I want to do is curl up in a ball and watch movies in bed (Hubs is anti-television in the bedroom, a story for a whole other post!), a nickel and chrome monogrammed Catch-All for Hub's watch, money clip, loose change and whatever else the boy manages to collect in his pockets, another picture of "The Married Ones" and lastly, a handcrafted coconut shell crab from our Hawaiin Honeymoon.

Now do you see what I mean? Such a guy's nightstand!

You know, shy of the neon beer sign and bottle koozie (which he may or may not have stashed in that top drawer!)

I will admit, I imagine I would grow a little curious if Hubs started demanding that his nightstand be decorated with fresh flowers and candles and whatnot. Hehe!


  1. This is SO true!!! Our night stands look very similar!

  2. Too funny that your husband is anti-TV in the bedroom...my husband sometimes says the same thing, but I quickly quiet him. I wrote a post not too long ago talking about how my parents let me have a TV in my bedroom when I was little and I turned out fine (the husband was not allowed, so maybe that's where it comes from). Loving the fresh flowers, too!

  3. how funny is this... hahah but oooo sooo true... xxooo

  4. My husband and I are like this, too. His nightstand has an alarm clock, box of tissues, and that's all!

  5. Haha! At least his is clean girl! If it were Z's, it'd be covered with stuff!

  6. so funny...I think all husbands are built the same in the decorating department!

  7. Too true! Mine is filled with books and girly things, his is filled with watch winders and gadgets.

  8. Oh guys....

    This post made me laugh!

  9. I love your nightstand! The flowers are so pretty and I have that same candle from Yankee. It smells so good.

    His nightstand isn't that bad. I think it's cute that there is a framed pic of you guys on his side :)


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