Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Remember This.

At first, starting this blog was just a new, fun thing to "do" that I was half coerced into writing by a good friend. I Myspace'd (and quickly tired of it), I Facebooked (which I will wholly admit to continue doing, only to [stalk] share photos with friends and when I was told I should "blog," blogging seemed like "the next best thing."

Now, it's become so much more than that. It's become a creative outlet; a template to not only share needs, wants, thoughts and ideas, but also a place I can come to gossip and vent without always having to bore Hubs or talk his poor husbandly ear off. I mean, do I really think he cares about Britney's latest comeback? Or how American Idol was a total bust this year? How about the darling seersucker dress I've been drooling over, waiting for it to go on sale? I doubt it. Although, I do sincerely appreciate his humoring me.

For me, blogging has become almost a necessity. A fabulously wonderful venue in which I can swap Hubs/Puppy/Marriage/Life stories with the best of 'em. And even if I'm not writing daily, I'm addicted to reading the so many great blogs out there.

Now, I can't believe I hadn't started blogging sooner. I've come to realize that there's so much going on in my life that I want to remember- and unfortunately, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day routines that sometimes the little things often go unnoticed or underappreciated. I'm hoping this blog will help me remember some of those little things. The funny things Hubs says. The ridiculous things I do. How much we grow as a couple. How much we change not only ourselves, but the world around us. I blog to remember.

For instance, this past weekend I was back home in Reality TV Town, New Jersey when my brother asked if I'd wanted to take a ride with him. My brother is 17 years old (um, when did that happen?) and spends his 17-year-old-free-time much like I did. I know you can remember those days, you know, back when you were cool, back when when you would spend every free second of summer driving around town with the latest homemade mix tape blasting and your friends in tow. It's the same for him. Only his iPod hooks directly up to his car and he no longer has to dexterously record songs off of the radio but uses Itunes and Rhapsody to download an entire mix CD in less than 2 minutes.

My brother has had his license for a little over six months now and I had yet to let him drive me around. Since when is my brother old enough to drive a car? And stick? I gew up with this kid. He's definitely not coordinated enough to talk and shift gears at the same time. After making him promise he wouldn't get us killed, I helped him remove the soft top from our Dad's Jeep and climbed into the passenger seat. "Woobs," as he's been affectionately referred to since the ripe age of 3, immediately turns on the CD of the moment, a mix of guido-techno-thumping and Lil' Wayne's electronically enhanced musing, and so begins our joyride.

I had a blast. Dancing like fools and driving around our hometown brought me back to my high school days, those days when your shoulders were weightless, your horizon limitless and you had few cares in the world. And what made it even better? My brother treated me to Dairy Queen. My little brother, without a second guess, offered to buy me ice cream. And after we ordered, he took out his wallet without hesitation and even tipped the kid behind the counter. My brother, the tipper! I was so touched and it was such a small gesture that made my day.

Granted, as soon as we got home, I paid for my ice cream when I handed Woobs some extra gas money.. but nonetheless, it has become one of my favorite moments. And I don't want to forget it.

Thanks Woobs, for the chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles. For the laugh out loud moments and remembering to come to a full stop at every stop sign. And for hanging out with your much less cool, although much wiser, older sister. You're the best.


  1. It amazes me how much blogging has grown to mean to me. I thought it would be just an outlet when I was stressed or a way to babble somewhere, but I adore all of the ways it has helped me connect with other people!

  2. Too cute! Little brothers are the best :)

  3. Awwww... well Im glad youre a happy bloggie!! and how cute is your brother!! xxxoo

  4. Aww! I have sisters that are 17 and it scares me as well! They're so grown up!

  5. Blogging is just wonderful... to make connections with people from all over the world, who think so similarly to you, is just amazing!

    Sounds like you had a great time with your brother :)

    Saskia x

  6. OK, I am crying, ha ha. Only because, even though I do not have a brother, I have a cousin who is 18 and it made me think of our relationship. So sweet!

    And I totally agree with you about blogging. I feel like my blogs are some friends and I have learned so much about everyone and myself. Good Post!!

  7. I have to say that little brothers are the best ever! Mine is truly my best friend and makes me so proud of him everyday! Isn't it amazing that our "bratty little brothers" can grow into such great men!!

  8. This is so sweet! And I agree, blogging definitely means a lot more now than when first started. It's not only an outlet but written memories to look back on.

    Sounds like you have a great little brother!

  9. What a great post! I agree with you....that is the whole reason I started a blog, too. We're all so busy and focused on the big picture that sometimes we don't realize how many truly fun and unique moments we're having along the way. Blogging has helped me focus on things I may not otherwise have focused on.

    On another note, your koozie should be on its way very soon! :)

  10. I am so on your page with the blogging thing! I really just started it because everyone else was doing it. And now I LOVE it! What would we do without this amazing personal internet space??!!

  11. I love blogging too, I can't imagine life without it now!

    And it's so sweet you have that relationship with your little bro!!

    P.S. Keep your eyes peeled - your Pay it Forward gift is in route!! I'm so excited - I hope you like it! xoxo

  12. i love the story about you and your brother! I have moments like that with my sister who is 18 and its so awesome!

  13. This post describes exactly why I started blogging and I know exactly what you mean.

    That is so sweet that you let your little brother drive you around. I remember this time of the year well when I first got my license. Those were the days :)

    I left you an award!

  14. I loved this post. I have a little sister (and an older one) and it makes me sad that we're not closer.

    Your brother sounds awesome.

    And yeah. Blogging rocks. :)

  15. I know exactly what you mean...blogging and all the friends I've made are just so important. Husby doesn't always get it, but he knows it makes me happy and that's all that matters to him.

    I LOVE spending time with my younger (and cooler) brothers too...one is just a year older than yours and your story reminded me so much of him! I'm seeing him next week for prom. He's suddenly turned 18, become an adult and is heading off to college.

  16. I started blogging as a way to fill the void that wedding planning left (sad right?) but now I have grown to love it. There are just so many amazing, encouraging, creative women out there. I love to hear other people's stories!

    My brother is about 4 1/2 years away from driving but I can relate to the feeling of, "How did you get so old???" I'm glad you had a great time with yours!

  17. I love blogging for all of those same reasons. Such an awesome way to connect with others and document our lives.

    I love my little brother...he's 3 1/2 years younger than me and has grown into such an amazing young man (overnight, when did we grow up??). How fun to have this memory to look back on forever!

    What a great post :) xoxo


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