Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Winter White Christmas Mantel

Even though it admittedly stresses me out, every holiday season I look forward to decorating our mantel. After all, we've only lived in our house for three years now- that's three years with a mantel and the novelty has yet to wear off. 

This year I decided to go with a "theme" for our mantel that I hope will last me just a touch longer than the usual Christmas season. Rather than stick with my usual reds, golds and greenery, I decided to change things up this year and go with more of a "winter white" touch. 

My inspiration was the awesome silver twig wreath that I found at HomeGoods. Once I had that in my possession, my plan was to incorporate mercury glass, a touch of gold and, of course, candles. Before you ask, the wreath is secured to the mirror by using one of the extra strength 3M hooks with removable backing. So easy. 

One of my favorite additions to this year's mantel is the tissue paper garland from Etsy shop ProjectPaper. After just one single email exchange including the words "ivory, cream and sparkly," shop owner Christina put together the perfect garland for the design I had in mind. 

I feel like our mantel is always a work in progress and I'm sure I will arrange and rearrange the decor at least five times between now and Christmas but today, I'm happy with what I managed to pull together. What's even more awesome is that I was able to re-purpose approximately 75% of items we already had in our house. Talk about a happy husband!

The only things missing currently? Our stockings and old fashioned globe lights. This year I picked up four cream cable knit stockings from Target (the lowest price I'd seen at just $13/piece) and I have plans to hang them on a silver curtain rod a la this method but I know the minute I do, tiny little grabby hands will be all over them and I would hate to risk death and dismemberment by a falling stocking holder. Those suckers are heavy! Not to mention that every time we light a fire in our fireplace, the stockings have to come down. Que sera sera, right?

As for the globe lights? I plan to intertwine them with the gold decor mesh and hope it's not a fire hazard in the making. You can find a tutorial for making the deco mesh garland here.

So, there you have it! Our Winter White Christmas Mantel. Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? If you blog about it, leave the link in the comments below! I'd love to see what you're doing! 

Decor List
Silver Twig Wreath - HomeGoods
Tissue Paper Garland - ProjectPaper on Etsy
Deco Mesh Garland - Tutorial Here, Garland from Hobby Lobby
Cream Mirror Candlestick Holders - vintage HomeGoods (as in 5+ years ago)
Fleur de Lis potter - Local Florist
Mercury Candlestick Holders - Target
Scalloped Glitter Tree Cone - Target
Glitter Branch Tree - Target
Gold Star - vintage Hobby Lobby (3+ years ago)
Metal/Glass "House" - vintage HomeGoods (3+ years ago)
Wall Paint - Behr Wheat Bread
Decorative Trim Mantel Tutorial - Here

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  1. So pretty! Wish we had a mantel. :)

  2. Beautiful! It's so calming and pretty!

  3. This is beautiful! I already wished I had a mantel, but now I REALLY wish I had one. So pretty.

  4. So so gorgeous. I also wish I had a mantel.

  5. Beautiful!! You did a great job styling it! I sometimes find it difficult to get the right variation of heights to make it look right and not like a bunch of stuff was just squished up there, you know?

  6. Looks perfect!! I almost bought that same glitter tree from Target, now I wish I had!!

  7. We're planning on painting our living room Wheat Bread and I'm so excited after seeing this. I've been kind of nervous that it was going to be too light or too beige or too grey.

  8. I so miss having a mantle especially at Christmas time. I love yours. So pretty and love the details. Can't wait to see if w/ the stockings.

  9. Oh it is beautiful! I hope to have a mantel to decorate some day.

  10. Loving the neutral palatte! Especially the little gnome-looking house. :)
    xo kristen genevieve

    sunny bloglovin

  11. oh i just love this! come decorate my house for christmas :)

  12. oh i just love this! come decorate my house for christmas :)

  13. Shut had me a white, cream, and sparkles. Perfection.

  14. This is gorgeous! Great inspiration for our "after Christmas" mantle!


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