Saturday, November 16, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is... My Toddler To Sleep Through The Night.

Have I ever told you how much Maclane sucks at sleeping? No? Here, let me tell you. 

Maclane is the worst sleeper in the history of all sleepers. For real. I don't think he's slept through the night once since he was born. That's a whole seventeen and a half months of not sleeping through the night, if you're keeping track. 

In our quest to morph our sucky sleeper into a super sleeper, we've tried it all. 

He's cried it out, I've cried it out. We've lovingly half Ferber-ed, the most I could handle, begging and pleading while at the same time reassuring him that we're right here and that sleep is awesome. 

We've tried sleep sacks, magic suits, slumber bags and more. Blankies, lovies, sacred voodoo dances, you name it. His room, our room, hot or cold, the kid just won't stay asleep. 

Of course there's more to this story like how he's still nursing and after two failed attempts at weaning him from those pesky night feeds, I've declared myself too lazy to do anything other than forge on with the status quo. After all, this is a season, right? Surely he'll sleep through the night eventually. 

One thing we hadn't tried with him is white noise. Apparently after successfully raising one decent sleeper, I had completely forgotten all about this nifty little sleep aid designed to not only help babies fall asleep but keep them asleep as well. 

When given the opportunity to review the Dohmie by Marpac, I practically jumped at the chance. After all, would this be the solution that would grant me my only Christmas wish, for my toddler to finally sleep through the night? Or would I not only be exhausted but also disappointed in another product's empty promises?


  1. Gray just starred sleeping through the night at 12 mos with a loud sleep machine from the beginning. My older son had to nurse to sleep so it was harder to get him to sleep through the night. Gray can actually just be comforted win bak rubbing or singing, but it is admittedly so hard to do when you're exhausted and you know the boob may be faster and you can lay down while you do it. Here's to hoping those wakings space more and more apart. You deserve some rest before you start all over again!

  2. We've always had a rough time with our boy too. He was doing great but now waking up all the time. I think teething is playing a role, but not sure. Good luck with the noise machine! It helped our son as an infant.

  3. We have one of those in each bedroom and love them!

  4. We have one in each girls room - love it! We even pack one in our suitcase for trips. Saves our lives in hotels when you can otherwise hear everyone walking down hallways, chatting, opening/closing their doors, etc!

  5. I use this myself to help me sleep and have got my two year old hooked on it now. I need to get one for my 4.5 month old soon!!!

  6. My son (2 y/o) goes to sleep to a sound machine (which is actually just our ipad) but then we turn it off. He usually wakes up once during the night. He can usually be easily comforted and falls back asleep in his or our bed. Whatever works.

    I read or heard recently though that they will actually wake up when they switching sleep cycles - like going into REM sleep. So, you can actually prevent them from waking if you rouse them yourself by going into their room at your bedtime and rousing them just enough by kissing their head or rubbing their back and it will trigger the cycle and they won't wake up later in the night. I haven't really tried it, but thought it was interesting!


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