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Easy Fabric Mesh Garland :: Hey, That's Pin-tastic!

Last year I didn't share pictures of our tree. Why? Because I attempted deco mesh for the very first time and let's just say it was an absolute disaster. And? I wasn't even drinking when I set to fluffing, twisting and puffing it all over our tree. Perhaps that was my problem. 

It looked like deco mesh vomited all over Christmas and I was so very embarrassed. In fact? I didn't even put ornaments on our tree last year, it was that bad. 

With a very energetic and passionate two year old, I wasn't sure I would be doing much tree-decorating this year either. I did know, however, that I certainly wouldn't be attempting deco mesh again. 

But then on a whim I came across pre-packaged Fabric Mesh at Hobby Lobby and thought, "Gee, this looks easy! I'm sure I couldn't screw this up!" and off I went with 7 packages each bearing 9 feet of gold Fabric Mesh without a single idea as to how I was going to use it.

Once home I decided I would attempt to recreate garland using a similar DIY approach that I used when making this wreath.

If you haven't already noticed there is also red Fabric Mesh garland on this year's tree and that's because you need way, way, way more than 63 feet of Fabric Mesh to create a garland long enough to wrap around a fat 7 foot tree. Way more.

Just my luck I happened to choose the single most popular color of Fabric Mesh because despite going back to Hobby Lobby on several different occasions, they were sold out each time of the color that I needed. 

So? I improvised and picked up 9 more packages of the red color that no one was buying. 

If you're counting, that's 144 feet of Fabric Mesh needed.  

Although a bit time-consuming, this garland really is easy to create. When using the pre-packaged sections of Fabric Mesh, first you'll want to open your package of mesh and completely unfold it.

You'll then want to fold it in half lengthwise and then in half again. This will leave you with a 9 foot long strip of fabric mesh roughly 6 inches wide. You'll then begin folding your strip of mesh back and forth like an accordion. This will create the "ruffled" effect. 

While pinching the middle of your mesh, you'll then begin feeding it onto your wire, one folded section at a time. Not having a single idea of what kind of wire to use, I ended up choosing mid-size gauge framing wire.

Be sure to tie a knot in the end of your framing wire before threading your garland. 

Repeat this process with each package of Fabric Mesh. 

I used two nine-foot pieces of framing wire, threading one with 7 packages of mesh (gold) and the other with 9 packages of mesh (red).

Before placing the garland on your tree you'll need to "fluff" out the fabric mesh by picking, pulling and sliding it up and down the framing wire. 

Pretty good for not having a single clue about what I was doing, huh? Any questions? Feel free to email me at iloveyoumorethancarrots {at} gmail {dot} com. 

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  1. Your tree is so beautiful! I also love the new button. :)

  2. Your tree is spectacular.

    love the new button!

  3. I seriously love this, Ashley!! I don't often think trees photograph well, but I think yours looks so pretty and photographed so well!!

  4. Looks great lady!! You have about 100x more patience than I do :)


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