Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby M3 :: 16 Weeks!

Top: Gap Maternity // Bottoms: Old Navy Skinny Cords // Booties: Clarks  

How Far Along: 16 weeks as of today! Not your usual bump picture this week- just one of the many from our quick and dirty family session this past weekend while home in New Jersey. Many thanks to my Dad for having the patience (and talent!)  to capture my crazy bunch.  

Total Weight Gain: Not sure. I am sure, however, that I'm going to stop answering this question until it's closer to Baby Day. My goal is not to gain fifty pounds like I did with Carter. I gained forty with Maclane and I'd be happy with that number again. Check back in approximately twenty-nine weeks.

Symptoms: Oh heartburn, my old friend.

Maternity Clothes: Starting to think about what the hell I'm going to wear to a black tie wedding in January. Pretty sure they don't sell that kind of fancy at the GAP. Will likely try renting a maternity dress from one of those maternity-wear rental sites like Borrow For Your Bump or Rent Maternity Wear. (That just sounds like a horrible idea in my head but I can't justify that purchase!) Anyone have any other good ideas?

Gender: 100% certain it's a boy! Our sneak peek at 10 weeks rings true and if you saw the same ultrasound we saw at that time, there would have been no doubt in your mind either. Beyond excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed) to add a third boy to this brood!

Movement: Waiting for the flutters and rolls to become more consistent. 

Sleep: It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't waking up twice during the night to pee. Each time it takes me at least another thirty-forty minutes to fall asleep after that. So frustrating! 

Cravings: This week it's spicy cheeseburgers (we're talking with ghost sauce!) 

Thinking Names: Breaking news! There looks to be one name that I haven't mentioned on here yet that both the husband and I kind of like. Okay, I really like it and he doesn't hate it. I'm bummed that I can't drag him willingly aboard the Ellison and Crosby trains but the name we're currently tossing around is equally as awesome and unique. I'm trying not to get too excited about it. 

Funny Moments: Walking into the ultrasound boutique and breaking the streak of pink that preceded us. Nearly all of the babies scanned that evening were girls; we're talking more than 11! 

Not So Funny Moments: Wrangling our band of crazy for family pictures. I'm sure I'm making it out to be worse than it was but seriously, a three year old and a seventeen month old aren't exactly the most patient, obedient little subjects. I swear those kids you see in all those perfectly pinned pictures on Pinterest are drugged. Thank goodness for the Photoshop Head Swap

Nesting:  Trying to do all the things before the holidays are officially upon us, and not even the baby-related stuff. Thankfully we're not entertaining any family or friends before Thanksgiving but we are hosting a family Christmas party and Cookie Bake in early December that makes me want to hurry up and have everything in place! Nothing like hosting parties to make you do all the things!

Best Moments this week: Finding out that M3 is a boy and enjoying not only one but two dates with my husband this week! It's the little things. 

Looking Forward To: Eating my pregnant way through Thanksgiving. Yum!

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  1. You and your husband are the cutest ever. It sounds like baby M3 will have plenty of girlfriends from which to pick! Ha!

  2. I had a black tie wedding at 7months pregnant. I scored a black 1 shouldered maternity dress (knee legthn) at Nordstrom for $26. I added a belt from Macy's for about $20. Done & done! Check Nordy's maternity section.

  3. is a maternity version of Rent The Runway! Though you'd be pretty in a papersack probably!!

  4. I rented this one from Rent the Runway and it was so comfortable. Highly recommend!

    And here are all of their "bump friendly" options (beware some are quite interesting!):

  5. I'm intruiged by your Clark's booties. They are beautiful, but I feel like I have no idea how to style them. I may need to just order them from zappos and try them out!

  6. My favorite maternity dress ever! From the fabulous ASOS of course- and cheap!

  7. Girlfraaaaan this is when I wish you lived up the street (and that you were further along in being pregnant - a.k.a. much bigger) so you could borrow my bridesmaid dress that I wore in my SIL's wedding, two weeks before Ben was born. I've been DYING to have the chance to wear it again or at the very least, loan it to someone, since it ended up being over $300 between the big size and alterations, and I'll obviously never wear it again unless I have an event when pregnant or I become obese in the next few years (ha!). Floor length, deep purple, one shoulder, and flowy - it's a pregnant lady's dream. Just rent MY runway - haha! If you get desperate, I'll pop it in the mail! ;-)

  8. I just used for a black tie wedding and it worked out great! Good selection, great customer service!

  9. I just used Mine for Nine for a black tie wedding and it worked out great...good options, great customer service and way cheaper than buying a dress I'd only wear once ! I would highly recommend it!

  10. Congratulations on having a boy!!! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first and we find out the gender next week! My husband and I both strongly feel that its a boy, but I'm just dying to know! I've also had crazy heartburn lately! Hopefully that means a hairy baby ;)
    You look gorgeous :)
    xo kristen genevieve

  11. You guys are freakin gorgeous!!

  12. I'm sure your pictures are perfection! These two are! I swear everyone but us are having girls. I don't know if our husbands have girl sperm.

  13. Everytime I see pictures of your little belly, I get so giddy!! You and your hubby are adorable!

  14. Oh the heartburn. Yuck! But spicy cheeseburgers sound mighty good right now!!

  15. I'm coming to hijack your clothing! Love the photos:)

  16. You guys are just too cute! Also, the heartburn? I'm thinking it's either baby boy #3 has lots of hair or it's the spicy cheeseburgers. :)

  17. Love that last pic of you and Mike!

  18. I had a couple of weddings throughout my pregnancy (and 2 right at the end 37 and 38 weeks!) I just bought dresses made from stretchy material and accesorised to the max. The dresses were quite cheap and I didnt mind spending more money on the accesories as I knew I could use them again. I also bought full length as near the end there was no way I was going to try and wear heels!!


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