Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby M3 :: 15 Weeks!

Top: Liz Lange Tunic via Target // Leggings: BeMaternity via Target // 
Boots: Minnetonka via Nordstrom

How Far Along: 15 weeks as of Monday, November 4th. I'm so behind on everything blogging related. In the process of rolling out a new design, moving to Wordpress, drafted posts out the wahzoo. You name it, I'm behind on it.  Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I thought about skipping this week but since I forced my husband to take bump pictures on Sunday, a task he detests more than just about anything in the world, I figured that I at least owe it to him to post them. 

Total Weight Gain: Up 10lbs. since I found out I was pregnant although I credit at least 2 of those pounds to the sweater and boots I wore to my doctor's appointment. Must remember to wear. less. clothing.

Symptoms: Perpetually exhausted and my hips are starting to ache at the end of the day. 

Maternity Clothes: In 'em for the long haul. Favorite places to shop continue to be GAP, Old Navy and ASOS. I don't really need any new clothes but it's hard to think that only 6 pairs of pants is enough to last me clear through April. Six! That sounds so ridiculous, doesn't it? As I'm almost kind of sure I don't have more than six pairs of non-maternity pants for Falll/Winter. But there's just something about six pairs of pants for six months that sounds like.. not a lot of pants. Hmph.

Gender: We're still not 100% certain! Dying to  know for certain at this point and counting down the hours until our appointment tonight!

Movement: Just the occasional flutter and roll. Nothing consistent yet!

Sleep: Continuing to snuggle up with my Bump Nest pillow {clickable link} and it's ah-mazing. If you're ever on the fence about buying one, let me be the one to tell you they are worth every single little shiny penny. The only person who sleeps worse in our house is Maclane but that's a whole other post for a whole other day. 

Cravings: Spicy, spicy, spicy! 

Thinking Names: I've gone ahead and added a new name to the Boy's List although we still don't know for certain "who" we'll be naming just yet! I'm kind of falling in love with "Ellison" although it's not a favorite of the husband. What else is new? Check last week's update for a broader list of names

Funny Moments: Pregnancy brain is in full effect as I' m misplacing anything and everything I get my hands on. Struggling to find my keys each day is a battle and there are at least three moments every day where I return something that belongs in the fridge to the pantry and vice versa. 

Not So Funny Moments: Putting together an outfit for family pictures that screams "I'm cute and pregnant!" Not out of shape and soft and squishy. Other Not So Funny Moments: having to replace our HVAC system and a toilet pump in the same week, shortly after my husband was involved in a car accident and totaled his car thanks to the woman who ran the stop sign and plowed into the side of his car. By the grace of God, he's fine but having to now find him a car is just one. more. thing. 

Nesting:  The playroom built-in's are finally complete and I've begun pinning ideas for the shared older boys' room as well as an updated neutral nursery. You can check them out here! We also need new curtains to frame the windows on either side of the fireplace and our master bedroom needs new blinds. Just another couple items added to "To Do Before April" list.

Best Moments this week: Getting out of the house for date night and for our gender appointment tonight!

Looking Forward To: Christmas and finding out just who is in this belly! I'll be honest, my pregnancy has been identical to my last one which makes me believe it's a boy. We'll see in just a few short (very, very long) hours!
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  1. You look beautiful! I miss having a belly but I do not miss the aches and pain that come along with it. PS. Those boots are aaaaamaaaazzing!

  2. I'm dying to find out what's in there! Your look so great pregnant! I'm in that awkward "How many cheeseburgers did she EAT?!" stage... :/

  3. You look great! I started a "must do before baby" list a couple of months ago. With two months to go, I'm starting to wonder if "clean the bathrooms" is sufficient for preparation. Poor second child.

  4. I'm so excited to find out what you are having!!! By the way you look beautiful.

  5. I know I say this every time but you look so cute!!

    I'm so glad you linked your nursery ideas on Pinterest. I'm also thinking something more neutral for Baby #2.

    Can't wait to hear if it's another boy or a little girl!!

  6. You look amazing! Can't wait to hear who's in there!

  7. Wow! You guys have had a week. When it rains, it pours! I hope things calm down for you. I can't believe you are finding out already! Are you going to share?

  8. I can't wait to hear your news! You look great, mama!

  9. Ahh, you find out tonight??? So excited! I vote girl. And I love the name Ellison - would be great for either gender!

  10. DYING to know!!!! And you do not look squishy and defffff pregnant!

  11. So can't wait to find out what you're having, boy or girl! And moving to Wordpress? Join the club. Except I didn't move everything over, I started, that's fun. Hah. Not.

  12. Ok, I NEED that tunic! Do they have it in cream? Love Ellison! Hate pregnancy brain.

  13. YOU WERE RIGHT! dont you love that? i was thrilled when my gut instinct was right on with crue.
    you are ADORABLE mama. i am obsessing over your bump-dates like none other :)
    aaaaand i cant wait to see your family pictures!

  14. I love the name Ellison! I just had a pt deliver and they named their daughter Ellison - it's in the running for when we have babies!

  15. I mean seriously how adorable are you!!!!!

  16. I love the name Ellis for a boy myself - had never considered Ellison!

  17. I'm so excited you're having a boy, I think you look fab, and sorry you had to deal with so much last week. Glad Mr. Carrots is okay after his accident!

  18. Ashley, I am so happy for you guys!! You and your husband make the CUTEST babies EVER! You are the reason I started blogging! Please keep sharing your life and family with us! :)

  19. reading theist just makes me even more excited that its a boy! You have so many fun things ahead with all those sweet boys! and also i am dying to know what he will look like b.c Carter and Maclane look so different! Hope you are feeling well. you look fabulous

  20. Love those boots! I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I definitely need a body pillow. I looked into the bump nest pillow but its sooo expensive! Is it really that much better than a $40 pillow?

    xo kristen genevieve


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