Tuesday, December 4, 2012

8 Toddler Boy Gift Ideas :: Ages 2-4

Shopping for kids is hard. Whether they're your kids, your friends' kids, nieces and nephews, the neighbors' kids or a family you've adopted for Christmas, its hard. You never know what they're currently in to and whatever they're currently in to is bound to change within the next forty-three minutes.

I've compiled a very short list of some of my toddler's current favorites in the hopes that you may find something you're looking for for a special Toddler Boy in your life. I've also included links to a few other posts written by fellow bloggers that may also be of some help! Happy Shopping! 

1. Green Toys Dump Truck: I love the entire Green Toys line. Durable, fun and the perfect size for inquisitive busy little hands, these trucks are the perfect creative play toy for toddlers. One of my favorite aspects of these toys is that they don't make noise, encouraging your toddler to use his imagination!

2. Buzz Lightyear Costume: For my toddler, this happens to be the Christmas of Woody and Buzz. He has recently fallen absolutely head over heels for these two characters (and the movie) and often runs around the house with arms stretched above his head yelling, "BEYOND!" As in, "to infinity and beyond!" I knew without a doubt he would love to dress up like Buzz and continue to run around the house like a space man. Of course your gift idea doesn't have to be limited to Buzz Lightyear. What I'm saying is, buy a couple of dress-up play costumes. The special Toddler Boy in your life will love them and it's a win-win for fostering imaginative and creative play!

3. Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway - Tidmuth Sheds: Like many of his Toddler Friends, my toddler is obsessed with anything and everything choo-choo. For his second birthday he was given the Melissa & Doug Train Table and it has been both a favorite and a staple toy in our house ever since. I am not kidding when I say that he will sit for an hour and play with his trains! This year we'll be adding to his collection by giving him Tidmuth Sheds. 

4. B. Bristle Block Stackadoos: I absolutely adore any and all of the B. toys. They are such great additions to any play room and both of my kids love playing with their age appropriate B. toys! We recently added the Bristle Blocks to our collection after spending a morning playing with them at a friends house. These blocks are colorful, sturdy and great for crafty, inquisitive minds. 

5. Plan Toys City Highway Maintenance Vehicles: Are you seeing a theme here? Lots of trucks and trains! Plan Toys are another favorite toy maker in our house and I am a firm believer that you cannot, cannot go wrong with wooden toys! My toddler LOVES his Plan Toys and I am so excited to add to his collection this year with a crane truck, dump truck and cement mixer! 

6. Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box: This box of pre-school preparedness activities is the perfect mix of learning and fun. I've done a lot of research when it comes to finding engaging, easy-to-learn workbooks for my toddler and this is one of the best that I've come across. Worksheets, stickers, tracing shapes, working with numbers and letters and so many other activities to improve fine motor skills and prepare for pre-school, this activity box will no doubt be under my toddler's tree this year!

7. Dazzling Diggers (Amazing Machines): I first purchased one of the Amazing Machines books shortly before my Toddler's very first plane ride (Amazing Airplanes!) and have been smitten with them ever since. Bright illustrations, rhyming words and great informative storylines, these books are a huge hit in our house! I'm excited to add to my Toddler's collection this year and have plans to purchase Tough Trucks, Tremendous Tractors and Dazzling Diggers. 

8. Hunter Little Kid Welly Boot: Last but not least, this is just a fun little "necessity" that I can't believe we've gone so long with out. Every Toddler needs a great pair of rain boots and I cannot wait for my toddler to don his bright yellow wellies and go puddle-jumping! Word to the wise: order one size up if you plan to use boot liners! 

Be sure to check out these posts with some other great gift ideas for the toddler in your life! Shannon shares what's on her daughter's Christmas list and Laura shares another great list for toddler boys 18-24 months old!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post or asked to endorse any of the above products in exchange for money or free product. This is just my honest opinion on some of my favorite toys and items for toddler boys.


  1. I need those bristle blocks, I mean KP needs them. Yep, add one more thing to the list!

  2. Does C like fire trucks? We are getting G the kidkraft Everyday Heroes set...it's basically a dollhouse for boys! A 3 story police and fire station. I am pretty pumped to at with it ;) We love Stackadoos! He plays with those at our neighbor's house!

  3. Thank you for sharing. My 3 year old nephew loves "diggers" and that book is a must for him this year!

  4. Totally just bought that Green Toys dump truck (plus another Green Toys item) for Cade. Is Mac even interested in his toys??? Cade is OVER the baby stuff and will only play with Connor's stuff. This way, it looks like a big boy toy and I don't have to have a heart attack worrying he is going to swallow a small part! Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Ethan will also be receiving the Thomas the Train shed/roundhouse! I'm so excited to get him into trains. I definitely need to check out that book. Obviously anything truck related is a success here! Thanks for the shout out!


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