Wednesday, November 28, 2012

They Are Enough :: Guest Post From Meagan Musing

Before you hear from Meagan, I wanted to say a huge thank you to each of the mamas who filled in for me while I was away. We had a great trip- we laughed, the boys learned important lessons on sharing, we wined and most of all, we survived a trip across country with two kidlets 2 and under. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go crawl into a hole and pass out. 

When AP asked me if I’d like to do a post for her while she’s away I thought sure, I can do that. Her readers are fun and they’ll love me!

But then she said I should write about the single greatest lesson I’ve learned from my kids.

Hmmm….that’s tricky. I have learned lots and lots of stuff since I became a mom. Probably I’ve learned more new stuff in the last three and a half years than I did in the previous 10 years combined.


-I can survive not getting more than 4 hours of straight sleep for over a year.
-I really, really love breastfeeding.
-It’s a lot easier to make new friends when you have a baby to take on play dates and to activities.
-Getting in and out of the car can cause great anxiety.
-Toys have the magical power to multiply over night.

I’ve also learned a ton about photography and design and blogging…all things I knew practically nothing about before my kids were born.

But that’s all just stuff; growing my life’s skill set.

You know what Andrew and Caroline have taught me about me?

That they are absolutely enough.

Before they were born I was so afraid that I would be bored. That I’d feel unfulfilled and lonely as a stay-at-home mom. I thought I’d want a nanny so I could rush back to work and running errands and the gym. (The gym? Just typing that make me laugh! I used to go all the time – really!)

And then they laid Andrew in my arms and there was nothing more important in the whole wide world.

And I still feel that way. I have this fancy finance degree that I use very rarely and I’m sure someday I’ll get back to it – when they’re in school and require less of my time – but for now. This is exactly where I should be. Where I want to be.

I feel like I’m making a daily, long-term investment in who they are and who they will be, and to me that’s extremely rewarding. So even when they’re driving me crazy and I don’t want to ever pick up another toy ever again I know that just being their mom is everything I want to be. 


  1. I totally should have put a :) after my comment about y'all loving me! Ha! Thanks for having me AP! I'm glad you've had such a nice trip!

  2. I love finding a new blog to read. You had me at, I really really love breastfeeding Meagan!

  3. That's such great truth! Nothing boring about being a stay at home mom :)
    Also, yay for breastfeeding!

  4. I love this! I had a lot of the same worries before I had a baby - especially about "wasting my education" if I quit work. Bam. Gone. There's no place I'd rather be. Thanks for putting a beautiful voice to this sentiment! I'm coming over to your blog to read more!!


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