Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maclane Allen :: Month Four

Weight: 19lbs. 11oz.
(At 4 months Carter weighed 16lbs. 3oz.)

Hair: It's official. The dark hair is here to stay and Mama couldn't be happier. Everyone constantly remarks about how Maclane looks "so much like my side of the family" and it's true. He definitely takes after my Sicilian roots. Just check out those brows! One of my most favorite features is his little expressive brows which also seem to grow darker by the day. 

Eyes: Most days they are a beautiful mix of brown and green. Some days they look more dark navy/grey. As of right now, Maclane has eyes like my brother that change depending on what he's wearing. Hello Jealous City, party of one!

Diapers: Size 3's. Based on what's on sale or what coupons we have, we go between Pampers and Luvs. No issues with nighttime dipes, either. At this point I was putting Super Soaker Carter in Huggies overnights in one size up but we've had no leak issues with Mac! 

Clothes: Maclane has officially surpassed his brother as Most Gigantic Baby Ever. Really though, Maclane has outgrown most of Carter's seasonal hand-me-downs, as in he was wearing Carter's Christmas sleepers before Halloween. Mac, you're wearing 6-12 month GAP sleepers, 9 month Carters sleepers and 6-12 month two-piece clothes from GAP, baby Boden and Hanna Andersson. 

Eating: Still exclusively breastfed and we're now in uncharted territory being that Carter stopped nursing around this time. It was also around 4 months that we began introducing rice cereal to Carter and frankly, I just don't have time for that now and Maclane clearly doesn't "need" it so we'll be putting that off for a bit. Maclane continues to refuse bottles of all shapes and sizes. The only time he'll take a bottle is if he is absolutely starved, screaming and my husband is the one offering the bottle. It also helps if they are outdoors. Weird, I know. 

Sleeping: It's a good thing we finished that brand new nursery before Maclane was born. Perhaps he'll even spend a night in there before his first birthday. Seriously. I don't know what it is with second babies but I cannot for the life of me move this boy out of our bed. At least Carter slept in the bassinet in our room until he was five months old. Maclane hasn't even slept there once. The Husband has mandated that once he reaches six months, he's out. I can't really blame him but I'm so thankful that my husband understands that this isn't easy for me! Overall, Mac is a fairly decent sleeper. He takes a "nap" from 8-10pm, nurses, sleeps from 10:30pm until 3:30am, nurses, sleeps from 4am-8am and nurses again before starting his day. 

Nicknames: Mac, Mac-A-Doodle, Mac-A-Rooney, Mac-A-Pie, Mac-A-Boy, FattyMac, Mac-Attack, Mookie, MookieBear.

Maclane, you have the greatest personality. Despite your ever-unimpressed expression, you really do light up for just about anyone. You have the sweetest, gummiest smile and quite possibly the best belly laugh ever. We can really get you going if we blow raspberries into your chin(s). 

You are absolutely enamored with your big brother. The minute he enters the room or brushes by you, you are smitten and become completely obsessed with what he is doing. He really is such an amazing big brother to you and I cannot wait to watch the two of you grow together. Right now, though, you mostly serve as a ramp for Matchbox cars and train engines.

You tolerate friends and other family members holding you fairly well. You've been spending a lot of time with Aunt Pam and have most recently fallen asleep every time we've handed you over to Aunt Kristalee. In fact, Aunt Pam and Gammie and Poppy are yours and Mommy's favorite "sitters." 

You've made a few trips to and from New Jersey and you are an absolute dream in the car. As long as we stop halfway for a snack and a fresh diaper, you're a great little traveler. I can only hope you continue to do so well as we make our first plane ride with you in just two short weeks!

You are grabbing anything and everything you can get your little hands on. Currently your favorites include Sophie and your Winkle. Not only are you grabbing everything but it's going immediately into your mouth. You are a drool machine. No teeth yet though.

You haven't rolled over much. In fact, I believe you've only done so once or twice and even then I'm pretty sure Carter pushed you. You rock back and forth with the best of them but you're kind of chubby and that's what seems to impede the actual rolling. Oh, my sweet fat baby. 

You've started sitting up for a few minutes by yourself- not really sitting up, of course but "tri-pod" sitting while surrounded by your Boppy pillow. It's clear that you've become tired of laying on your back and belly all of the time and prefer to get a better view of what is going on around you! 

Have I mentioned how much you love to talk? Because you are quite a Chatty Charlie. You love hearing the sound of your own voice and especially love doing The Screamies. 

You love eating, nom'ing on Sophie, bath time, walks to the park, kicking those crazy chubby legs of yours and watching The Lorax with your big brother. 

Maclane, you have seamlessly accepted the role of little brother and have already brought so much extra joy, love and laughter to our little family! We love you so much, Mookie Bear! Happy Four Months!


  1. I love how your boys are so different but both so adorable. I must admit - my first is only 5 months and the thought of her being in her own room almost kills me. I have a feeling it will be a very long time before she moves :) I just want to come squish Maclane. He is so stinking delicious :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a giant baby. Gunner was 19.9 pounds at his 4 month check up. We put fertilizer in his bottles. I need to chane out his car seat soon he's going to exceed the 22 lb weight limit.

  3. How is he 4 months already. Love all his faces.

  4. I have no idea where the 4 months went......wasn't he like just born?

    By the way, I've been thinking non stop about a Facebook post of yours from a little while ago about how people stopped following you because you're a republican and voiced it. That is not my view at all but I honestly have no idea how your political views have ANYTHING to do with who you are as a person on this blog. You're a hilarious writer, an amazing mommy that makes us all feel like real life is a-ok and not perfect, just real. I have no idea why someone would ever stop following based on a political view. What's next? Religion? Mustard versus ketchup? (I steer strongly toward the ketchup).

  5. My goodness, he is one good looking little dude. And, he looks so much older than four months! I think it's the expressions?

  6. Such a cute! His expressions are too much! :) 4 Months...time is flying!

  7. I thought my guy was massive at 18.5 lbs at 4 months, but Maclane takes the prize. Good job Mama!

  8. What a face! He is super cute! Happy 4 months!

  9. He is so adorable and you're right, he definitely looks like you. Especially the eyes and that smile. ;)

  10. Sweet baby boy! I can't believe he's already 4 months old. Seems like just yesterday we were hugging it up over a pregnany belly at the Opryland Hotel! Time certainly goes way too fast!

    He's chunking up quite nicely! Way to go girl! That's some good milk! Keep up the good work!!!!

    I LOVE that he looks so much like you!

    He's a cutie! And Happy! You're a good momma! ;)


  11. That's it. I want a third boy.

  12. Wow, four months?! I definitely think he resembles you! And I love all his little expressions you capture!

  13. Flippin' cute. As an avid-non-mom, I did nanny for four years and they did the same trick I've seen around the blogosphere to get their baby to take a bottle when I starting watching him at 3 months... strawberry nesquick. Not even kidding you. Just a little to make the milk from the bottle 'special' and then once they get excited to take the bottle you stop including it. Just a suggestion from someone who knows basically nothing about kids :)

  14. It kills me that your 4-month-old is in the same size diaper as my almost 2-year-old. Bahaha. Mac is the cutest!

  15. I really can't say in enough adjectives how absolutely adorable Mac is! He's in size 3 diapers at 4 months? Whoa mama! Way to go!!! So so happy that you and Mac have a mutual love for BFing.

    Love the nickname Mookie, his beautiful Sicilian dark features (#DarkHairedMamasUnite!), and that he is a Matchbox car ramp. And you calling big brother C "Super Soaker" made me laugh out loud!

    Happy 4 Months Maclane!

  16. I would really, really, really like Lucy to start sleeping the way Mac is ;) I can totally handle that. Can he send a little almost 4-month sleeping dust this way? Pretty please. I can't wait to see what my chunka weighs at 4 months. I don't know that it'll be 19lbs...but girl is dense. Good job momma.

  17. It's pretty much always the same comment from me, but he is just too cute I almost can't stand it!

    Nice work Momma!

  18. dude seriously. Between this little (big?) nugget and Katie's little Lucy, my Ute is on fire. I just love your little boy and want to nom all over him ( I mean that in the least creepiest way possible!). And I cannot get over how much he looks like you! Gives me hope that #2 over here may resemble Mom at least a bit ;-)

  19. He is way too freaking cute. I love his expressions! My 5.5 month old just moved into 9 month clothes (I've been in denial for way too long so he was sporting capris for a while)!

  20. I was thinking his hair seemed like it was getting lighter... :)

    darling boy he is!

  21. I wish we could put Quinn and Mac side by side. Quinn is 19 lbs and he turns one next Thursday. I'm jealous of your squishy boy. I just love baby rolls!


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