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Motherhood's Greatest Life Lesson :: Molly, Stilettos and Diapers

Hey y'all! I'm Molly. Wife, boy Mom and southern gal, living in DC with my Yankee hubs. I'm a lover of all things fashion, cooking and crafting. A firm believer that motherhood and wine go hand in hand. You can read a little about all my loves on my blog, Stilettos and Diapers.

I could say that my kids have been some of life's greatest teachers for me. They've taught me things I never imagined needing to know.

I've learned alot about schedules. Strict, it doesn't matter if you got everything on your list, its nap time leave now, schedules.

I've learned how to make and serve meals that appropriately fill the food pyramid.

I've learned what cleaners and non-food items are deemed a problem by poison control and which ones say poisonous just to freak moms out.

I've learned how to wrap a pretty mean swaddle that even very beefy babes (ahem, mine) find it difficult to get out of.

I've learned that moms can survive and actually function quite well on very minimal or no sleep. It's like a Mom superpower. 

But what is the best lesson I've learned from them? 

I've learned love. What amazing and incomprehensible love. When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I wondered how I'd fit in loving a baby and my husband at the same time. How I could magically love another just as deeply as the love of my life husband.

But I did. It was automatic. Indescribable. And then came even more love for my husband who turned out to be an amazing father. 

Then I feared that having a second would take away love from my first. That my love would be divided. But it wasn't. There was only more love for my big boy who was now a big brother. 

My boys have taught me unconditional love. They throw those little arms around my neck no matter how many privileges I've had to take away that day. I hear "Mom, I love you to infinity" every night, even if it was one of those days where one too many tears were shed. 

It's that never ending love that makes Motherhood worth all the work and exhaustion. That makes me do crazy things, like climb in bed with a sleeping child, just for some more snuggles. That makes my life totally complete.

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