Friday, November 30, 2012

Maclane Allen :: Month Five

Dear Mackie, 

I've said this before with your brother and I will say it again with you. Please, please slow down sweet boy. You're growing too fast! I really try my hardest to live in the present and not dwell so much on how fast the time is flying by or how quickly you're outgrowing clothes or surpassing milestones but as I sit down and go through the notes I keep, I can't help but feel my heart leap into my throat when I think about how this time next month you will be half a year old. Oh my.

{Pictures taken November 18th, 2012 in California!}

Weight: 20lbs.
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green!
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 9 month and 12 month sleepers, 
6-12 month GAP onesies and miniBoden

This has been your busiest month yet, Maclane and I think it should be aptly named "The Month of Rolling Over and Sitting Up." I can no longer set you down without the worry of you scooting off somewhere. The minute I set you on the ground, on either your back or your belly, you immediately take to rolling all over the place. You've even begun to shimmy and army crawl your way around. To think you were hardly doing these things just a few short weeks ago and now you're on the move. Everyone says you'll be walking in no time and as much as I laugh it off, I know those days are only just around the corner. 

Maclane, you had so many firsts this month I don't know where to begin! You took your first trip to California with your first time flying on an airplane. As always, you made Mommy and Daddy so proud by going with the flow and amazing everyone around us with your mellow, happy-go-lucky personality. Left and right people commended you on how well you behaved saying, "Wow! We didn't even know there was a baby on this flight!" You adjusted to the time change without ever missing a beat and took to your usual schedule like clockwork. 

While in California you also caught your first head cold and gave Mommy and Daddy their worst night of sleep since you were born. I think collectively we each got around four hours of sleep that night and it just broke our hearts to see you feeling so crummy. By the next morning, however, you were back to your usual chipper self smiling and laughing with your cousins. Your cold, however, did keep you home from celebrating your first Thanksgiving with the West Coast family but that didn't stop you from dressing up in your finest Thanksgiving jammies and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV with your brother and me. 

Speaking of sleep, you're still sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. Daddy has given us until 2013 and then it's to the crib you go. Your days are numbered in our bed, sweet boy, but I'm still not ready to move you out! You go down for the night at 9pm and wake for the day around 9am. You are getting up to eat twice overnight, once around midnight and again around 5am. 

You continue to be an excellent nurser and we have officially surpassed my breastfeeding record with your brother (by, like, a whole entire month!). You're a boob man, Maclane and you can't help yourself. No matter how many times we try to introduce a bottle you simply turn your nose up at it and look at us like we've lost our minds. We continue to press on...

You still won't take a pacifier either. We've given up on that front. Que sera sera, sweet boy.

While in California your Mommy and Daddy decided to give you your first taste of Oatmeal cereal. We had noticed that over the last couple of weeks that we could hardly get the food in our mouths with you sitting in our laps during mealtimes. You would immediately try to grab our hands and steer the fork toward your mouth. Talk about being ready for solids? 

You freaking loved the oatmeal and your expressions while eating were priceless! Unfortunately, we noticed a slight rash on your chest the next day and it could just be coincidence since that's also the day you came down with a cold- but we're hesitant to try it again! You do love your food, Mac Allen!

You've begun to find more fun with your feet these days and when sitting in the Nap Nanny or propped up against the couch you immediately lean forward or bring them to up to your chest so that you can better grab onto them. Despite your delicious thighs, I've even caught you sucking on your toes a time or too!

You babble and chatter all day long. You just love hearing yourself talk and you'll talk to anyone and everyone who comes your way. Most recently you "Maa-Maa" all day long. It's cute until it's annoying. Just kidding. Mostly.

You are absolutely enamored with your big brother and whenever he enters the room he immediately catches your eye and you begin babbling nonstop. It's no secret that Carter can get the best belly laughs out of you by simply looking at you and smiling. You two already have such a special relationship and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring. 

Let's see, what else? You grab everything, yank everything, pull everything and put it directly into your mouth. This goes for toys, non-toy items, Mommy's hair, Sheepie's hair, your brother's hair, etc. You're quite the grabby and yank-y little man. 

You love your walker (and your brother loves pushing you in the walker), your tummy time mat with kick and play keyboard and being held. It's about time to retire your swing, the Snuggabunny chair and the Bumbo and break out the exersaucer and the jumper. 

Favorite Nicknames:
... you poor kid.

Looking back at your brother's five month update, it's crazy to see how similar the two of you are! 

Happy 5 Months, Maclane! We love you more than carrots!

Monthly Stickers via the incredible Haily of LucyDarlingShop!


  1. Oh my word, that smile... do you just want to eat him up all day long, and his rolls.... oh sweet babe!

  2. He is the handsomest little guy ever! Can't believe it has been 5 months!

  3. So, so sweet!!!! We just pulled out our exersaucer and Cameron LOVES it. No more bumpo or seat, but he does still like the swing as long as he can see everything!!! It's so funny how much they love their feet!!! Whenever we lay Cam down to change him, his feet are in the air makes me laugh every time! I am so jealous Maclane is sleeping with you. We've never co-slept, but some nights I just want to cuddle with him all night!!! Enjoy it while you can! :)

  4. Happy 5 months Mac! I can't believe he is 20lbs. Wow!!! I have only had girls, so I am used to 20lbs at the 1 yr app :)

  5. happy 5 months big guy! I'm SOOOO looking forward to seeing the new little one love on Addison once s/he's born. If I put away all my crazy fears that's what I'm looking forward to most I think.

  6. He and Easton sound a lot alike!! I just posted east's 8 month post today!! It's all going way to quickly. Can't believe our babies are turning into little people already!

  7. totally not relevant to this post, but I just saw that you did the pics for Modg! I love her blog and the pictures were AMAZING! I was just thinking HOW did she get pro pics?!@?! You don't have to publish this - just wanted to say I loved them!

  8. Happy 5 Months, FattyMac (that's my favorite nickname)! He is just the most precious thing!!!! I have loved watching him grow and change.

  9. Oh my god I want to squeeze him! He is sooo chunky and delicious.

  10. He is just the cutest thing..he has such inquisitive facial expressions

  11. He is so cute! So happy that you passed your goal and that nursing is going so great for you guys. My middle son NEVER took a binky. And I was so glad I didn't have another habit to break. Good luck on getting him out of your bed. LOL!!


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