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8 Life Lessons I've Learned From My Kids :: Mandy, House of Rose Blog

*This is a guest post from Mandy at House of Rose Blog.* 

I just tripped over a Matchbox car in the kitchen. I went to brush my teeth only to find that someone {not naming any names middle child - ahem} had emptied the toothpaste in to the bathtub. I found 3 dead worms in my son's sock drawer {apparently having a dog wasn't enough for him}. My lunch today included a hot dog and a lunch-able. The last movie I saw in the theater was something by Pixar and I'm pretty sure it was rated G. Having children has changed me in so many ways. As you can tell my life isn't always glamorous, but it's most certainly better with my boys in it. And although there are many times when I feel frustrated by their silly ways {especially the dead worms - not cool not cool}, I try and always remember the joy that they bring to me. Isn't it true when they say that children teach us, not the other way around?!?! If not for my children here are a few things I would have never learned: 

1. Laugh even when you feel like crying. Your youngest just threw the biggest tantrum in the middle of Kroger over the fact that you wouldn't buy him five chocolate candy bars. Everyone is staring at you and you wish you could crawl into the giant freezer in aisle 10 and disappear until the non-stop screaming subdues. You can't. So instead? You laugh.

2. To think outside the box. Like when I wonder where my son's missing frozen ice pop disappeared to and I immediately eliminate all the logical places it SHOULD be {like in his tummy or the trash can}. Instead I check underneath couches, inside the dryer, or in the flower vase on the counter that, to the naked eye, looks like a beautiful bouquet of fresh red roses but actually doubles as a garbage disposal for any unfinished snacks.

3. Don't take things for granted. I remember when my oldest child begged me for MORE hugs and kisses. We cuddled on the couch watching Tom & Jerry while he held my hand and every few seconds he would lean over and kiss my cheek as if I was the only thing on the planet that mattered to him. Now that he's all "big-time" and in Kindergarten...I'm lucky to get a side-hug out of him when I walk him to the front door of the school for drop-off. 

4. Accept whatever is thrown at you. Literally. Even if it is a poopy diaper that smells like an animal that died weeks prior. Someone, somewhere...has it worse than you.


 5. My actions are influential. Kind of like when my middle child tells me "I only threw that ball at his {the baby's} head because I saw my brother do it too." It's true when they say children's actions are a reflection of what they see at home. Now I'm trying to decide if I should trash all the balls in the house or just have a heart-to-heart with the older brother. Actions = influence. 6. To keep up with the times. I always thought that their dirty slimy hands pawing my overpriced very important electronic gadgets {iPhone, iPad, MacBook} just made my screen dirty and sticky. But, my kids have discovered programs and shortcuts that I would have never knew existed.


7. To pray every day. You can pray for fruit snacks. Or your tv. Or you can even pray that you get good toys for Christmas. It doesn't matter what you pray. God is always listening. And the single greatest thing that my children have taught me? 

8. Love is a language. My oldest child thrives on words of affirmation. The youngest likes quality time and the middle child adores affection. Understanding that each one of them feels loved by something different has taught me that love can not be defined in one sentence. Love means one thing to you and another thing to me. I love my children unconditionally. They don’t have to do anything or become anything to earn my love. They just have it and always will. Even when I find dead worms in their sock drawer. 

What life lessons have your children taught you?   

// A boy mama, wife, decorator and blogger, Mandy Rose spends her days managing her husband's websites and nights chasing kids, bathing kids, feeding kids and blogging. She blogs at http://HouseofRoseBlog.com and lives in Illinois with her husband, three kids, and one on the way {from the Philippines}. She quit her full time job to blog and her most recent project is a joint one between her and her husband. They co-author a blog about making money online and you can find that at http://DollarsandRoses.com // 


  1. Mandy, you've hit the nail on the head! Your little boys are so lucky to have you as a mama!


  3. I love them all!!! As Cameron is getting older and more interactive, I find so many of these things true...we pray each night even though he doesn't understand yet. I let him snuggle and hold my finger when he's tired/upset even though it may spoil him someday. I watch what I say and how I react to things because I want him to have a great role model, and who knows when he will start picking up my (bad) habits. THANK YOU for this wonderful post, Mandy!!

  4. Love, love, love! Love as a language is so important. Thanks for featuring Mandy today :o)


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