Monday, November 5, 2012

Delicious Recipes, Great Pictures And More From This BoyMom!

The View From 510
Hi, I'm Erin. Mama to J. Wife to B. Full-time captive of the corporate world. I fancy myself a supermom, but most days I'm just human. My life is spent ignoring laundry, wrangling in a toddler and soaking up the fleeting moments of motherhood. I've found the community of my blog is the ideal place for sharing my story, documenting our days and finding the bliss in parenting. For now, we're settling nicely into our home at The View From 510

I have been a longtime reader of Erin's blog and I just love how she writes from the heart and takes fantastic pictures. Check out some of my favorite recent posts by Erin over at TVF 510:

Be sure to follow along with Erin and her many adventures in mothering!

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