Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Duct Tape Diapers and Maxi Pads: A Guest Post

Hey Loyals, I'm Jen from jdavissquared!

For those of you who don't know me, I love bicycles and cooking with my sweet husband.  {I got a good one.}  I'm addicted to Junior Mints and iced coffee.  I paint piggy banks, and am deathly afraid of ostriches. My three cats are my babies for now.  I love my life and talk about it all on my blog.

I'm honored that AP asked me to guest post today.  I'm sure she's probably off at the beach drinking some kind of amazing cocktail, and for that, I am insanely jealous.  {I'm a Kansas girl, so I see the beach about once every 5 years...if I'm lucky.}

Today I'd like to share with you an actual status found via my Facebook feed:

I put Johnny* in a jerry-rigged diaper (with duct-tape and a maxi-pad) which was a bit hard to frantically rip off when he stepped in a fire-ant hill. Me? Not mom of the year I imagine.   

Umm.......sorry, but WTF!?  Is this the kind of stuff you moms do on the regular?  I'd like to join your ranks at some point, so I need to know if my MacGyver skills need some work first.   I'm no expert, but it sounds like this one could have used some revising.  I mean, I'm not trying to judge...you moms are heroes in my book, but duct tape seems a little extreme to me!  You use duct tape for serious projects like fixing planes or something, not diapering children.  Perhaps masking tape would have been a better option.  That way, when your kid rolls around on a fire ant hill, their um, feminine hygiene products can be ripped off easily.  

Naturally, I'm curious, what's the craziest thing you've ever rigged up for your kids?

*I have changed the name of this poor kid to protect his innocence.  And yes, I am of course scared that this mom might in fact read ILYMTC, but hey, you put that kind of awesomeness on Facebook, you gotta expect some attention! 

Thanks so much, Jen, for this awesome post! Um, word on the street is that duct tape can come in handy during that miraculous age when babies start ripping off their diapers and smearing their poop around their crib/nursery/car interior, etc. So, you just might want to save this one for the books. You know, I'm just saying... Happy Tuesday, Loyals! Make sure you head over and show Jen some ILYMTC love! 


  1. Kids LOOOVE to stick their little hands in every available crack and crevice, so when they get to the age of eating real food (therefore filling their diapers with unimaginable horror), sometimes the option of sticking hands places must be cut off.

    Because to have that kind of diaper contents? Well. Masking tape would be truly inadequate. Sometime duck tape is a parental necessity.

  2. Too funny! I'm pretty sure I'd be keeping that to myself but I guess we live in a world of over-sharing!

    HOWEVER, I have used the whole duck tape diaper method to keep them out of the err...contents. A little duck tape, and sometimes a footed sleeper worn backwards does the trick!

    -Things you learn while being a nanny!

  3. LOL

    I personally have used masking tape on disposable diapers, because sometimes they just wouldn't stick. That was many years ago and I know that the new diapers stick better. My grandson's did!

    I once babysat for a toddler and a baby when I was in high school. More times than not there were no diapers (or food, etc) but anyway... I used paper towels (lots of them) and masking tape. Then when they ran out of paper towels, I used their "pretty" towels and masking tape. I figured if nothing else, that might make them buy diapers!

    OH, the food issue. I started buying baby food and fresh carrots and broccoli.

    Yes, there are some mothers/parents who will never receive a parenting award.

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. Well, it hardly competes with duct tape, but when Kitty's eczema was so bad, I had to swaddle her at night because she would scratch until she was bleeding PROFUSELY. Eventually I had to TIE her arms in the swaddle (gently - just enough the her arms couldn't wiggle up to her face)and then put her in a sleep sack. I was so desperate at that time I actually googled "baby straight jacket". Luckily? There's no such thing.

  5. Crap. Multiple Gmail accounts strike again :) That last comment was ME :)

  6. Never done this. But .. I'm not going to lie .. I very well may be stashing a roll of duct tape in the nursery now.

  7. Haha. This is hilarious. Though I can't say I've ever used duck tape to fashion a makeshift diaper. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

    PS I'm from Kansas too! I'll have to stop by your blog sometime!

  8. Oh GAWD! I have yet to encounter the whole shite swiping stage of toddlerhood. Wowzers. Duct tape would be my hero too!!! ;)

  9. Thanks so much to all of you for joining the discussion! I had a ball reading all your comments, and have learned that I just might need a roll of duct tape when I'm lucky enough to become a mama!

    Thanks AP for having me!


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