Wednesday, August 17, 2011

C, Mommy Totally Dropped The Ball On Your 12 Month Post.

Dear Carterito, 

This has been such a busy month for you! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating your Party Day with family and friends when in reality it was almost three whole weeks ago! The night before your birthday, I sat down to write A Letter To My One Year Old. I mushed and I gushed and I blubbered my way through your first year of life and since I brought myself and nearly all of my readers to tears, this letter is going to be less mush and gush and more about all of the awesome, amazing and fun stuff you've both learned and been up to this month. 

You surpassed everyone's expectations at your twelve month pedi visit. I can't say that we're very surprised- we've come to expect nothing but the best from you, C, since you've been ahead of the curve your entire little life. I kid, I kid. I promise we'll cut you some slack as soon as you learn all 25 Romance Languages. Deal?

You weighed in at 24.3lbs and measured 33.5inches, although I beg to differ with your height. Let's just say you're an even 34inches like when Mama measured you the day before your appointment. This puts you in the 62%ile for height and off the charts at >97%ile for height. You're the size of an average two-and-a-half year old. 

You wear a size 6 Converse and size 7 TOMS. You're in a size 6 diaper both during the day and overnight and you wear 24mo one-piece john-johns and sleepers. You're wearing 2T tops and 18mo bottoms. Basically all this means is that you're my little string bean. 

You not only walk but have taken running to a whole other level. Apparently walking is too cool for you and you must run everywhere you need to be. This alone has earned Mama several grey hairs. She can blame the rest of her grey hairs and wrinkles on your couch climbing, pillow jumping and Sheepie-scaling. 

I have to say, my favorite "trick" you learned this month is how to give hugs and kisses without being prompted. As in, you'll be running, running, running and all of a sudden you'll come running over to me or Daddy and you'll smush your head into the crook of our necks and give us sloppy open mouth kisses. When you do this, we say "Oh, Oh, Mooommyyyy." "....Daddy" and "...Sheepie." You are an equal opportunity hugger and kisser. 

You spend most of the day jabbering away with your bad self. You inflection and intonation is hilarious. It's as if you're having an all out, very serious, sometimes humorous conversation with yourself. And you talk with your hands. I wonder where you got that from...

Your vocabulary includes, "I no-no-no" (I don't know) with the hand motion, "tatt-too" (thank you), "uh-huh," "hi" and "yelloh (hello)" "byebye," "mama," "dada," "nigh-nigh," "ut (up)," "ight (light)," and "eeesh (Sheepie)."

You're drinking whole milk from a sippy throughout the day with a bottle of whole milk before bed. You are strictly on table food and have been for months. You love to feed yourself with a spoon. Or perhaps it's that you just like to make  mess. Synonymous, isn't it?

You are incredibly impatient. Daddy says you got this from me. When you don't get your way or don't get something fast enough, you stomp your little foot and yell! You've even been known to crouch down on the floor and start crying. What's that? Karma? Funny, Daddy. 

You love taking wagon rides in the evening as they've replaced our evening stroller rides. 

You are forever bringing books over to us so that we'll read to you but you rarely ever sit long enough to finish one. Two or three pages in and you're already turning to the last page. 

You nearly broke our hearts into a million pieces when you fell and busted your lip open at Beach Week this year. Although you spent much of the week looking like a prize fighter, you took your bumps and boo-boo's in stride and didn't let it get in your way of having an awesome time at the beach. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are fearless, C. Especially when you take off shrieking and running into the ocean like it's no. big. deal. 

I have a feeling there is so much I'm forgetting- but let's just say you're turning into quite the comical, compassionate and opinionated little man. Your Daddy and I have had such fun this last month watching as you learned and discovered not just the world around you but how you interact with it, too. Busy, busy, busy.. you are a little man with a plan, Carterito. 

We love you to bits! Happy One Year, "Baby C!"
Love, Mama and Daddy

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  1. So, so cute! And I can't believe how big he is! Get a basketball in that kid's hands!!!

    Question: Do you upload your pictures to a hosting site before putting them on here? I want mine bigger like this.

    That's a nice little camera you have there. Great pictures ;)

  2. I am totally jealous of all of C's words! he is a baby genius! Great pics!

  3. Gosh he is so big! They grow up so fast...stop it already! :)

  4. So cute!! I've been experiementing with my new camera and lenses. What lens did you use for these shots of Carterito?

  5. So in love with the pictures! :)

    We need to plan a road trip and get C and T together. They sound so much alike. I think they could easily raise some heck together.. while we enjoy a drink together

  6. I love this post! He is seriously the cutest. :)

  7. Hokey smokes, a size 6 diaper? I thought I had a big baby!

  8. what a big boy! he's bigger than Cooper and Cooper is 19 months. It amazes me how these babies all do things at their own pace. Go C!


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