Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can You Guess How We Spent The First "Nice" Day of The Year?

If you guessed at the park with every other mommy, grandmother and child in the Northern counties of New Jersey, then you are correct! The way I see it? Taking your child to the park on the first nice day of the year is like earning one of your must-have first-time Mommy badges. As we strolled around the park, the contentment of being outside in the fresh air was almost palpable. It was as if months of stress and anxiety, weeks of "oh-my-god-if-I-can't-take-you-outside-child-i'm-going-to-scream" feelings were almost non-existent.

We Mama Bears came out of hibernation. And let me tell you, there is no finer feelin' in the world! If today is any inkling of the exciting days of field trips that Carter and I have ahead of us?  Bring on the sunshine, Mr. Spring!

Carter loved seeing the goats and the "moo-cows." Judging by the amount of babbling and raspberry-blowing that took place, those seemed to be his favorites. He also loved the congregation of ducks swimming beneath the covered bridge. He didn't care much for the monkeys, the mountain lions or the pigs, as I'm fairly certain we could have done without those.

The Great American Condors were putting on quite the show for the park visitors. I think my exact words to Carter in this picture were, "These birds are very ugly Baby C and they could eat you."

Carter was most intrigued by the other little boys and girls running around the park. Had I known this, I could have just taken him to the local Target. At least then I could have grabbed a fountain soda and an extra cute pair of yoga pants.. or two!

All in all it was a very successful first trip to the zoo. I think my absolute favorite part was this shining piece of Mom-wisdom that I overheard while leaving the park.

A Mommy was walking to her car hand in hand with what looked like a 3-4 year old little boy. To the oblivious observer, the boy looked upset to be leaving the park but it wasn't as if he was throwing a five-star tantrum. He must've been a little whiny because in a very loud Mom-voice I overheard...

"Now, that sounds a lot to me like whining. And we both know I don't respond to whining. So you're going to have to use your words or else the zoo and all the animals are going to burn to the ground."

Awesome. Because that won't give the kid nightmares or anything. . .

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  1. All the mommies (including me) on this side of PA were at the park, too :)

    Now, tell me, didn't it feel funny to be outside with no jacket on with snow on the ground? I mean, I LOVED it--but it was a little odd :)

    bring on the spring.

  2. so much fun!!! i wish it were that warm here, i cannot WAIT to take KP to the zoo!!!

  3. lol! ohmygoodness, "burn to the ground." that's horrible. that's worse than lying about santa.

    yesterday WAS glorious though (in the same PA area as katie). unfortunately, i was stuck at work with an 'inside the belly' baby - otherwise i wouldve SO been at the park.

  4. That's some good advice right there. Lol. Can't wait for this weather to actually stick!

  5. Cute pics. That mommy started out so good but the burn-to-the-ground thing? REALLY?

  6. The things that make you say Hmmmmm.... Wow way to terrify the kid.. why did she just say they would get loose and gobble him up...

    We were at the park, and yes it was a shinning moment as I was able to check off another "first" with my baby!..... However...We did have a "moment" where we dropped the one and only nuk we had (momfail) and needed to plug up the screaming child.. so I follwed my late grandmothers words and "kissed it to jesus" and stuck that thing right back in her mouth...... all in the name of immunities???? Right?!?!

  7. haha that last mommy moment totally cracked me up.

  8. OMG. Can I just say I normally read your posts to husby when he is cornered in bed :) hehhe anyway he has a very few select blogs he likes me to read to him out of my huge daily reads and yours is always on top of the list.
    This one got him so good. he is STILL laughing. Now he is even more excited to have you guys in SF in the summer :)

  9. What a great day! And can I just say HAHAHAHA that is excellent!!

  10. "Now, that sounds a lot to me like whining. And we both know I don't respond to whining. So you're going to have to use your words or else the zoo and all the animals are going to burn to the ground."

    HAHAHA! Okay THAT is funny.

    Semi-related story re: bitch mommy I encountered this week... I was studying at starbucks the other day and this mom and kid who was probably 7 or 8 came in after school and he was working on his math homework. The mom was AWFUL.
    at one point he showed her an answer and she goes "do you really think that's the answer? fine. put that. how could I forget, you know everything."
    etc etc sarcasm bitchy comments. I was getting so mad... MATH IS HARD BITCH!
    I shot her a dirty look at one point and she totally got the hint bc her next comment was "good job!".

    I mean I'm definitely a sarcastic asshole and I understand how frustrating homework with second graders can be... but MAN this mom was awful.

  11. Oh my gosh! I was totally with that mom until the last sentence. Good grief! Congrats to you for not being stuck frozen in place with your jaw drop on the ground.

  12. She may have put bad juju out on the zoo, but I bet she never tortured her kid with a dancing Mickey.

    Just saying... ;)

    I can't wait til we can take BG to the park for the first time. I am so ready for spring!

  13. Holy cow, she actually said that? OMG. I'm still shocked. What a wonderful way to spend the day - we have a small zoo near us and I'm anxious for the snow to melt so we can head on over when the weather warms up!

  14. just came across your blog :) great pics! xo

  15. Hey there! I rabbit trailed to your blog from another-can't remember which, but I'm sure your stats page will tell you. =) Great pics, but your right-random Mom's threat was the best! The first half is so calm and collected, and then she busts out the crazy!

  16. Good Lord! That poor child! I mean, dicipline and not reacting to whining? Sure... But threats? Sheesh!!!!

  17. Hahaha, the mommy comment cracks me up. It's totally something I would want to say, but probably never could.


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