Monday, February 21, 2011

Kelly Moore Bag - Need I Say More?

If it's possible to have a love affair with an inanimate object, then mine would have to be with my Canon D-SLR.  I love my camera and have loved it ever since The Husband gave it to me as a present for my twenty-sixth birthday. It's no secret that I use this camera daily, shooting the faces of my two favorite boys, Carter and Sheepie. I'm proud to announce that within the last eight months, I dedicated myself to learning how to use it in all of it's manual glory which now means that I no longer take pictures "inside the little green box." Folks, for me? This is a big deal. 

I was introduced to Kelly Moore and her Kelly Moore Bag a long time ago by my sweet photog friend, Melissa Manzione. If you recall, she took the most precious newbie pics of Baby C at just 12 days old. Melissa owns not one but two of these darling bags and I've been dying to welcome one into my home for a while now, something a bit difficult to do on this stay-at-home-mama's budget. 

Wouldn't this bag make the sweetest diaper tote? Er, I mean camera bag? Not only would I be able to tote around Carter's necessities, but I'd also be able to house the other love of my life, my Canon and some of her extra goodies. Just looking at it makes me swoon.

If you're like me and have a thing for pretty, sweet camera/diaper/catch-all bags and are looking for a little help in acquiring one, check out the sweetness that Kelly Moore is offering here. While you're there, shop around. Check out the amazing-ness that is Kelly Moore Photography!

Now.. how do I convince my husband that this bag is an absolute necessity?

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  1. okay - i've commented twice today so i feel like a true stalker.

    BUT........I've seen this bag before and thought the exact same thing. Do you think it would work okay for a diaper bag (I'm a novice and have no clue, obviously)???
    I LOVE IT!

    ps - can I get a few details on your camera as that's our next big purchase before our little guy gets here. I was hoping to spend under $700 if that's even possible???

  2. Um, I heart those bags...maybe it will be my "reward" for finally moving away from the little green box on my DSLR -- which I started to FINALLY do this weekend!

  3. Ooo they are lovely. I love the grey one. I vote necessity for sure. Get one so I can swoon over yours. :)

    So glad you found my blog today. Love Lady Kristen so much.

  4. I have this bag! The gray with lilac lining! I LOVE IT! PERFECT and it fits everything I need it to fit! WELL worth it!!!!

  5. Um, hello, it's totally a must have item. Camera, diapers, purse--?? You NEED IT.

  6. Hey man, do whatever works for ya! I'm not on the bandwagon of expensive diaper bags/camera bags... But that is probably mostly due to the fact that I just can't afford it! But it is also because Hub's definitely doesn't see the value in it and it's hard to argue when the man spends NO money!!! Birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries are when I ask for bigger ticket items!!!

  7. I love taking pictures and we have a Nikon D90 - which I love. But finding the right bag is a bit of a challenge. That bag is adorable!! Maybe I need to convince my husband "we" need one, ;)

  8. I bought a Kelly Moore camera bag and recently I toted it all over NYC with me on my honeymoon. It fit my DSLR, my wallet, maps, and few other things. I highly recommend!


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