Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Facebook Official! Stop on Over and Show Carter some Lovin'?

Hey there Loyals!
Carter just wanted to let you all know
that Love You More Than Carrots 
has finally created
a super snazzy
 Facebook page!
I know, I know. We're so social media hip! 
If you have a minute, could you stop on over and give us a "Like?"
We'd be so grateful!
Thanks so much and have a great weekend!
Stay tuned for everyone's favorite post, "Mommy's Night Out: Pole Dancing Edition!" I promise, it won't disappoint! I mean, where else can you learn to "Diva Slide" while talking about dirty diapers and who's baby will end up with a sibling in approximately ten months? 
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  1. Heading to your FB page now!
    I just set up mine earlier this week too. Be sure to check it out:


  2. woah woah woah was that last sentence a hint??!


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