Monday, February 14, 2011

Sheepie's Need Love, Too!

Look what came in the mail addressed to everyone's favorite Sheepdog!
You all remember Aliya, right? My wonderful and talented friend who updated the look of I Love You More Than Carrots? She's due with her first baby, a boy, in early summer and Carter cannot wait to meet his new little friend! Since she couldn't plaster pictures of his cute little face all over Valentine's this year, she chose the next best thing! Her super adorable pup, Dora!
I just thought this was the sweetest! I would like to think that Dora only sent out one Valentine, to her handsome and shaggy beau Sullivan, however, I do know that she indeed sent them out to all of her favorite puppy friends! If that's not the cutest, than I just don't know!
This just goes to show that even our pups need a little lovin' on this Valentine's Day!
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  1. What a cute idea! Hopefully by next Valentine's day we'll have a dog, and I can shamelessly copy this : )

  2. That is so precious! As April said, yes, I will be shamelessly copying this next year!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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