Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Etsy Spotlight :: AndBear Custom Stationary

I used to believe that a girl could never have too many shoes, handbags or even cashmere cardigans. While that still stands to be true, more importantly than that? A girl could never have too many pieces of pretty stationary. I am a sucker for pretty paper.

I am also a firm believer in the power of the Thank You note. It may seem like such a simple concept, but unfortunately, some days, I believe the power of the Thank You note is becoming closer and closer to obsolete. Very unfortunate, if you ask me. The Thank You note is a tiny gesture that symbolizes appreciation for a gift, a kind word or even a small act of random kindess. If you've ever sent me anything, you know to expect a Thank You note just around the corner.
Like many other paper addicts I'm sure, I put a lot of careful thought and consideration into picking out the perfect stationary. I have elegant stationary reserved for formal occasions such as our wedding thank you's as well as fun and flirty stationary that I used when sending notes to friends. When Carter was born, I knew I would need Thank You's for the many gifts we would receive and spent hours, literally, pouring over websites such as Tiny.Prints and Wedding.Paper.Divas. 

Luckily, "A" from AndBear came to my rescue. A is a friend of mine from high school and even back then I knew she had been blessed with creative bones. If you happen to stop by her Etsy store, you'll immediately notice her creativity and attention to detail pouring out from every angle.

From baby to bride she creates one of a kind custom invitations, announcements, programs, stationary and more. For the record, she did not ask me to write this review nor does she have any idea that it's being written. The reason I want to share her store with you is because shortly after she heard of C's arrival, she graciously put together THE cutest stationary for him that I have ever seen. She knew that his nursery had a hint of Peter Rabbit to it and that was all she needed to create for him the perfect little notecard.

A, thank you so much for the beautiful little Thank You's for Carter. You rock my world! Please stop on over to her store and check out some of the prettiest little papers I've ever seen. If you decide to bring a little bit of andbear into your home, tell her Ashley said "hi," wouldya? Happy Tuesday readers!

If you have an Etsy store or know of an Etsy store that you would like to see here on I Love You More Than Carrots, send me an email and we'll discuss details!

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  1. LOVE her work! I'm definitely stopping by to give A my business when this New Baby decides to make it's arrival!

  2. Omg, I LOVE these!!! She did a great job!

  3. I was raised to believe few things were more important than making my bed, never leaving dishes in the sink and writing thank you notes in a timely matter. I wish others still thought they are important as I do.


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