Monday, January 24, 2011

You Know You're a Mom When...

  • you receive a $100 giftcard and instead of jumping to spend it on a new pair of Reva's you serious contemplate putting it towards your child's Britax.
  • leaving the house with pureed yams/peas/pears on your t-shirt/yoga pants/Uggs is a perfectly acceptable accessory.
  • you've mastered the art of juggling the diaper bag, the infant carseat containing your 19lb baby, 27 toys, a fountain soda and the day's mail on the walk from the driveway into the house and you've even managed not to trip and fall over the herding sheepdog or wake the sleeping baby.
  • walking around with two soggy shoulders from Drooly McDroolerson no longer phases you. In fact, despite that little draft you constantly feel, you barely even notice.
  • your once impeccably decorated brand new house looks like the inside of a bargain Toys R Us, the week before Christmas.
  • that outfit I described earlier? The t-shirt, yoga pants and Uggs get-up? It's become your new uniform. Occasionally you swap out tennies for your Uggs, but everything else remains the same.
  • you've finally learned what it means to put everyone before yourself and you don't think twice about doing it. 
  • on the rare occasion that you're out running errands sans baby, you manage to still stand in every single checkout line and sway back and forth, as if you're holding and rocking the baby.
  • you hear a crying baby, whether it's in the mall, at the doctor's office or on the TV and immediately your heart starts aching and you want console him.
  • you do things you thought you'd never do before. For example, a nunni falls on the ground? You pop it in your mouth for a little disinfecting. You co-sleep. You babywear. You make your own baby food. You delay vaccines. You're absolutely, no holds barred, addicted to your baby.
  • you do whatever it takes just to get through the day. Even if that means drinking a glass of wine while the baby naps at 2pm.
  • you've become your mother in every sense of a good way.
  • you view strangers and small children as giant walking germies and will, in fact, turn and walk the other way when you sense one coming in for the, "let-me-touch-his-face-and-tell-you-how-cute-he-is!"
  • you cannot remember your life before your child nor could you ever imagine a minute without him.
  • you group your friends into two distinct categories, mom-friends and non-mom-friends and neither group will ever understand the conversations that go on over a casual lunch.
  • you have no problem letting the vacuum run while the baby naps just so that you can empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and fold some laundry without the fear of waking him up... and sit on the couch, deep breathing without feeling like you're needed right this very second.
  • you've actually contemplated when Sheepie is old enough to become a perfectly acceptable play partner.

  • you've actually contemplated having another because being a Mom is the greatest job in the world.


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  1. Sooo....the ones that resonate with me are:

    1. Juggling all the crap/mail/fountain soda and baby while trying to get into the house. My daily life. Sometimes I'm shocked at myself. But I DO wish we had an option to grown an arm or two when we grow a kid, just sayin.

    2. I was out with Eme yesterday (went to church actually) and there was a crying baby and I literally ACHED and wanted to hold him, and then I missed her. A LOT. And I had only been away for like 30 minutes. I iz pathetic.

    3.I rock back and forth all the time. I went to the grocery store when she was only a few weeks old (I was alone) and I was holding the basket SWINGING it like a baby carrier and literally was like "OHMYGOD i'm THAT person". I cannot help it. I sway. Constantly.

    4. Don't do the vacuum thing...never have had too--but we do use a fan in her room. Have you tried that? Like a big, ginormous obnoxious box fan or something? for white noise?? So you dont burn out the the vac?? You probably have. Just a thought.

    5. Anddddd..last night, our pastors kid came up and COUGHED IN HER FACE and I'm not kidding I became THAT momma bear and all swooped her up SO FAST and then was like "IF YOU HAVE A COUGH YOU COVER YOUR MOUTH!" bahahahaha. I can't even believe I did that now that I think about it. But sick babies? THE WORST.

  2. As I'm sitting here in my yoga pants and Uggs (bc mine double as slippers) while my wee man sleeps swinging happily, I could not have enjoyed this post more. : )

  3. I caught myself swaying last night at my parents as Adam held Connor next to me and swayed. I had to keep telling myself to stop.. I wasn't holding him!!

    I kudos to all of that.. except your last bolded phrase.. for some reason I have no inkling to have a child at this moment.. or any future moment right now. I need an independent child.. and HUSBAND for that matter! And breathing room... I can see the light at the end of the master's degree tunnel. Sept. 24th can't be here fast enough!!

  4. You hit the nails on the head with this one, yet again!

    Hope you guys had a glorious weekend!!

  5. I enjoyed reading this in my yoga pants and grey sweatshirt...both with holes in them. Even more sad...I've had them on for 3 days. I did buy more...the same size...and they didn't fit. WTH. Agh the life of a new mom!

  6. Just had our first child 3 1/2 months ago... already have baby fever. SOMEONE STOP ME. But you are so right about EVERYTHING.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! All of these things are soooo true. Love this post.

  8. That picture is adorable. He's too cute.

  9. i'm catching up on blogs while baby is tucked in his moby on mommy's chest...while dressed in sweatpants with vomit on them and only a sports bra...the t-shirt had too much vomit on it.

    i love reading your posts. i feel so incredibly blessed everyday now that i'm a mommy. i love connecting with other mommies in my same boat! and yes, i sway back and forth without baby ALL.THE.TIME.

  10. How true! Love this post! Your little man is so stinking cute!

  11. I'm not a mom yet but I can imagine doing all of those things in a few short months.

  12. Loved this list! And oh so true. What did we do before these little ones?!?

  13. I freakin' love this. Everything is so true! {except for the 19lb baby part ;)}

  14. If I knew I wasn't facing a c-section again, I would definitely be wanting another baby already! :) Great post - everything was so, so true!

  15. Let me start this by saying..... I am not wishing to have another ANYTIME.SOON..NOPE..NOT..AT..ALL

    However.. I have mastered the "mom dance"... its funny I find myself swaying everywhere I go.

    We pretty much burned the motor up in our vacuum :-)

  16. Oh my gosh! Rocking back and forth without the baby? I do that ALL the time. The other day at church I was doing it and someone caught me. :)

  17. Loved this post! Can't wait to do all these things myself this Spring!


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