Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love Me A Good Life Shortcut.

I know we all have those products that make our lives ten times easier. Whether it be fashion-oriented or a handy-dandy household product, I've recently some across a couple that I thought I would share. Mommies, wives, single gals, I know you'll all appreciate at least one of these fabulous shortcuts to life! Of course, it must be said that I was not contacted by either of these companies, nor was I offered compensation from them for a review of their product. It's simply one busy, fabulous Mama sharing some new found minute-savers! I am a fabulous Mama, right?
Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo

We all know I consider the day a raging success if I'm able to squeeze in a shower. Some days, the boss just doesn't allow any extra time for that. On those days, I'm all about this dry shampoo. Before stumbling upon this product, I was a dry shampoo virgin and in the market for a brand that wouldn't break the bank. Let me tell you, this stuff is No jokesies. It's available in an array of shades to match your hair color, sprays on easy and brushes right out. There's no oily or powdery residue which is a major bonus and it truly looks like I've just showered and blowdryed my hair. I can easily go a whole other day with dirrty-girl unwashed hair. And in this Mama's world? That's just fantastic. I'm fairly certain this product is available in local markets, ie: Wal mart, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. I, of course, wouldn't have the foggiest since I do most of my shopping from the comforts of my cushy couch with a super cute babe by my side. Now? I'm a dry shampoo addict! You can be too. Just click on the product and it's yours direct from Amazon at that ridiculously low price! How frickin' neat is that?

 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I have very little to say in regards to this product, other than it's abso-freakin-lutely amazing and if you haven't already been using these, you must leave your house now and immediately purchase them. Scratch that. I'll make it even easier. Just click on that product picture above and order them! I'm pretty sure you can use them to clean all sorts of surfaces, including the family dog, but I use them primarily in the bathroom. On that rare occasion when I can sneak in a shower? I'm Magic Eraser-ing while I'm in there. I wish I was kidding. This Mama is all about the multi-tasking. No harsh odor, easy on your hands and holymotherofgod, these things clean like no other. A little elbow grease on the grimy bathtub floor, a few swipes over the scummy shower door and these things leave the shower/bathtub combo looking squeaky, sparkley clean. They also leave extra time in your day for more important things like watching Ellen and Oprah.

For reals, for reals. Each of these products has helped shave minutes from my day spent doing time-consuming, monotonous things like.. showering and cleaning. In return, I can spend those extra minutes doing much more fun things like snuggling all over Baby C and blogging!

(For the record, this post should have been posted Wednesday, LIKE IT WAS SCHEDULED TO, thankyouverymuchblogger). Stay tuned for Wee One Wednesday! As promised, it's bound to be a cute afternoon!

PS. Many thanks to my bloggymomma friend Katie for kindly pointing out that today is, in fact, NOT Wednesday. I can always count on you, Mama!

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  1. I recently discovered dry shampoo and it really does make a difference! I am a wash-your-hair-every-day girl even though my hair dresser tells me not to, but dry shampoo might just change that. I just ran out of mine so I think I'm gonna order this one you suggested!

    And the older I get, the most excited I get about household cleaning products. :)

  2. I have the Magic Eraser sitting out on my counter at all times....really good at cleaning marker off the walls...and tables...and chairs....and toys, haha

  3. Totally with you on the magic erasers. Best.invention.ever!

  4. I didnt even know thee was such a thing as dry shampoo... might just be trying that one out.... our lil secret :-)

  5. Love the magic eraser (just used it this weekend!) and have been wanting to try some "dry" shampoo.


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