Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Honey, What Happened to The Baby's Head?

It's a typical Friday night in the M household. I just pulled two homemade pizzas out of the oven as my husband pops in the Netflix movie du jour. We convene on the couch with the munchkin sandwhiched between us. On a normal night, we're wolfing down our dinner while playing "hot potato" with our child. This night is no different. With only one bite left, my husband scoops Carter up, as we both know the rule, "If you finish your dinner first and the other still has food on their plate, you win the baby!" I can't help it that my husband is a chowhound and always manages to finish his plate first! Or can I? 
That's neither here nor there. The husband scoops the baby up. They play for a bit and as the fire starts to wain, the husband passes off the baby so that he can better stoke the fire. Cute collective, "awww, how responsible!" Hey, we do what we can! 
As my husband is stoking the fire, I glance down at the top of my son's baldy head. Granted, I wouldn't be surprised to see that he had once again managed to scratch himself with his razor sharp talons, but a splotch on his forehead caught me off guard. Seriously, does anything in this world grow as fast as baby nails? I don't think so.  

I say to my husband, "Did Carter scratch himself while you were holding him?"
And as nonchalantly as ever and without barely even turning around, the husbands says...
"Oh, no. He didn't scratch himself. That's pizza sauce."
Duh. I should have known.
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  1. We play the win the baby game too after eating. And? Sometimes on a friday night, Eme will lay with us cuddled under a blanket (and stay still for a while! BONUS!) while we watch a movie. Its those little moments that make me all, "AWWWWWWWW" and super warm/fuzzy in my heart.

  2. MEN!!!! lol J was holding KP this morning and she SCREAMED and i said "what did you do?", to which he said "nothing...or maybe I scratched her with my beard..." DUH!

  3. Ha! I love that he knew right away but didn't care enough to clean it off :) Men...

  4. Ah yes, the game of trying to eat. I know that one well.

    PS I hate baby nails! Trimming them is scary and they grow at the speed of light!

  5. haha... that is great!! love your description of baby hot potato too --haha

  6. I'm glad you mentioned the nails, lol...I cut those buggers every two days! Jeez! I was beginning to wonder if this was normal ;P

  7. Baby nails grow stupid fast! Timothy is always scratching his poor little face! Then I feel like a bad mommy telling every stranger I see how fast his nails grow! :) BTW..love the new blog design!

  8. cute!! baby nails grow so insanely fast! love your new look..now when I need a quick pic of baby Carter's smiling face I can just click your tab :)


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