Friday, January 28, 2011

"Get a Grip On Your Life."


I believe Sullivan is trying to tell me something. First it was baby hangers and then baby spoons. And today? It was the lid to the freaking Brita water pitcher. I sent the above picture to Husband who promptly responded with:
"Sounds like things are getting a bit out of hand.
 I think you need to get a grip on your life."
Me too, Hubs. Me too. Is it Happy Hour yet? Happy Friday, readers! Have a fantastical weekend. Anyone want to send me an extra Brita lid? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller...

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  1. I can feel it starting already and I've not even popped out the bambino yet! Two huskies used to 100% attention.... i can only see the meltdown now.

  2. Yeah, AP, get a grip why don't ya! I am sure you wanted to get a grip on Mikie with his fantabulous response...Happy hour? most definitely happening tonight!!

  3. Looks like Sullivan thinks his little brother has overstyed his welcome huh?

    If you work at home Happy Hour can start when you want it to right?!?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL I would definately take that as some sort of hint... Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Sullivan and Cruz would be friends. :) Happy Friday!

  6. Jeez girl he's right why dont you get a grip already.. I mean you are somebodies momma now.... LOL

    dont ya just love smartass husband remarks?

    I say put C to bed early.. pop a cork.. and enjoy the day

  7. We need pics of sheepie- its been too long!


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