Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Lovin'... AP's Beachy Must Haves!

As Hubs and I gear up for our next beach getaway (T-minus eight days and counting), I thought I would share some of my packing-for-the-beach must have's. It is imperative that these items accompany me to the beach each year, as I am sure I simply could not survive a week in Ocean City, Maryland without them!

What's a week at the beach without sunscreen?

We in the M household LOVE this sunscreen. Yes, I do admit that I'm a little sun-goddess and will swipe on some Hawaiian Tropic SPF 8 at times, but only after I've generously sprayed myself down with Neutrogena's Fresh Cooling Body Mist. I love me some Helioplexes!

Next up?

St. Ives Apricot Scrub. There's nothing better at scrubbing away grimy sunscreen and sand after a long day on the beach than this stuff. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after every shower. Although, I do use it sparingly. Why? I somehow have it in my little head that if I scrub too hard, I will scrub my tan away. I know, I know. Laugh it up. But I'm serious! (Although I'm pretty sure that can't happen).

I love, love, LOVE this stuff right here. Vaseline's Aloe Fresh Hydrating lotion. Mmm, Mmm! After having divulged my fear of scrubbing away my tan in the shower, I just slather on a healthy amount of this stuff and I'm ready to head out the door! Tan included! It's light, it's fresh and doesn't leave behind any filmy, sticky residue. Coming from a girl who's bathroom cabinets look like the aisles of a CVS drugstore, this moisturizer is a must-have!

Despite falling into bed with an almost full face of makeup on each night, one thing I refuse to do is wear make-up to the beach. Although these Neutrogena Make-Up Removing clothes are perfect for a few swipes before hitting the hay, they also do wonders on the beach/after the beach for getting that grimy, icky, gross sunscreen film off of your face. Easy to use, easy to throw into your beach bag, these facial wipes are won-der-ful. They even come in thin travel-sized packages for easy packing.

And last but certainly not least, a girl can't forget a little SPF chapstick!

Along with a couple tubes of my favorite SPF chapstick, hair ties and elastic headbands, you can rest assured these items are the first to go into my suitcase. Clothes are a whole other story.. Speaking of clothes, did I mention that I've already started writing down/pairing outfits in a little notebook.. I didn't?

Good. I didn't want you thinking I'm crazy.. or... anything!

Happy Thursday! What are some of your Summer Must-Have's?


  1. This is a great list. I also love to have some baby wipes ready available for quick beach clean up. Have a great time! :)

  2. Carmex, sunglasses, and evian mist spray :) xxxooo

  3. I think we must be long-lost beach soul mates or something! Your list is so similar to mine - great beach guide!

  4. HA HA, I use the same face soap!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I received your pay it forward package the other day and I love the koozie!! Too cute. And the candle smells awesome. Thanks so much for sending it!! You're the best!!

  5. Love the spray sunscreens! The chapstick is an absolute must! :)

  6. St. Ives Apricot is some of the best stuff I have ever tried in the summer.

  7. I use those cloths too...and I heart them in the morning...especially after my shower when all of my mascara from the day before comes off...I am HOT let me tell you! :)

    And I also think you can scrub your tan away!!

  8. Love love love Neutrogena sunscreen and apricot scrub.

  9. I love a book on tape on my ipod! I haven't mastered how to lay out and read, especially on my back.

  10. I love st.ives! chapstick is a must bc my lips always seem to burn. you will be all set for the beach! (im jealous!)

  11. we leave for rosemary beach, florida in 8 days and i cannot wait!

    by the way, i agree, st. ive's apricot scrub is wonderful! i used to use it in college and then stopped for some reason....just started using it again two weeks ago and my skin looks great!!

  12. you're going to the beach again?! i am so jealous.

  13. I took that sunscreen to the warped tour this weekend. Worked like a charm! Just wish I'd been smart enough to put regular sunscreen on my face instead of just my moisturizer that has SPF 30.


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