Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Capital Pillow Talk.

For those of you who are ILYMTC regulars, you know that Hubs travels for work and typically arrives home Thurs or Friday evenings, stays through Sunday, and leaves again Monday morning. It's been this way for five stinkin' years and over these years, I've learned to enjoy my time alone. No, I didn't say it's been easy, but I've learned to make do with my Hubs-less days and nights. Which, by the way, have gotten much brighter and much more bearable since the addition of our Sheepie, Sullivan, last November. I'm so very proud of Hubs, as he is an amazing, passionate, driven and successful businessman, but of course, I would give up the manicures, the pedicures, the wifely stipend, the monthly spa visits and the JCREW addiction, to keep him home a little more. Anyhoodle... As I was saying, Hubs is home Thursday through Sunday. That means we fall into bed together roughly 3 to 4 nights a week.

Well, well, well! Last night was an exception to the rule! Hubs and I were both home from work yesterday and ever since then I've been all sorts of turned around. Our Tuesday felt like a nice little Sunday! We made breakfast together, lounged around the house together, folded a little laundry together, packed for our upcoming trip to the islands together and even caught an evening showing of Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, yes, TOGETHER! Throughout the day, we kept saying to each other how it felt like the weekend! It was glorious!

How did we spend our unexpected night in bed together? Shh, no! Not doing that! Naming state capitals, of course! Go ahead, laugh it off. But it all started when Hubs randomly asked me the capital city of Minnesota. It took me a second or two, but I quickly spouted it off! I counter-questioned him, asking for the state capital of Florida, a question I surely thought would stump him! Ah, the smart alec that he is, he guessed it almost immediately! And so it began.. the battle of wits. We were doing so well! Until, that is, we got to Montana.. and then Nevada.. Oh, and did I mention we couldn't think of the state capital of Alabama, either? I know, I know, I'm ashamed!!

Try it.. it's tougher than you think! But makes for some pretty sweet pillow talk..


  1. Just found your blog! precious!

    and I love this blog entry, so sweet.

  2. I travel Mon-Thurs too. Quite a life to lead. I work in consulting. What does your hubby do?

  3. The husband used to be gone Monday - Thursday/Friday, too...we did this for a year when we lived in Phoenix, so I totally relate. The husband used to do bankruptcy consulting...what does yours do?

    Anyway, I was truly laughing out loud at the state capitals....too funny!

  4. haha I've not played this game in so long!

  5. That is too cute! I'm so glad you two had such a lovely day together. You sure deserve it :)

  6. So cute! Sadly, I don't think I could name many! I will have to study up and then challenge my husband ha ha!

  7. this game makes me laugh, because we played it in 4th grade and I was so good at it, until I got stumped on nebraska! to this day, if someone asks me, I know it is lincoln :)


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