Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad Boys. Bad Boys. Whatchya Gonna Do?

The following email was received by yours truly at 9:00am this moring:

"Sullivan has now moved from sunglasses to my eye glasses -
he ate the pieces off the end of BOTH ear parts
and destroyed the lenses...
I might kill and bury before you return."

No signature. No "Honey, I love you, hope you're having a great day at work." Not even a "Hi!"
Sullivan is majorly in the doghouse.

Did I mention that Sullivan has already eaten not one, but TWO pairs of Oakley sunglasses? First, he gnawed through my husband's pair. Feeling very generous at the time, I then gave Hubs my pair (yes, we had matching pairs and yes, mine were men's). Three weeks later, Sullivan managed to sniff out that pair and turn them into a mangled mess of plastic. And now? Hubs' eyegalsses? Shameless.

Maybe next time somebody (::cough, cough, Hubs::) will remember
NOT to leave said pieces of eyewear sitting on the kitchen table.


  1. That sucks! It's hard to stay made at the pups too long though :)

  2. Oh gosh.. trust me I have a handful of dog problems... arrggg... maybe you should get him toy sunglasses to gnaw on?? xxxooo

  3. I guess this would be the only reason I'm happy we don't have a dog yet. The only problem is.. you can't stay mad at 'em!!

  4. Awe, that stinks.. I have had it with Charlie this week too. Just try to stay strong and not give into the cuteness.

  5. oh no! :|
    hopefully your pup gets better with age. gus used to be a little stinker too!

  6. I got my pay it forward package today! I love it! I posted about it as well. Thank you! :)

  7. Silly puppies. We have a rule in our house. Anything left in front of the baby gate (living room/kitchen area) is free game, and if something happens you can't complain.

  8. Oh no! What a naughty dog! I hope that he develops a very narrow taste in the near future - doggie toys and dog food, only!

  9. have to be on top of your game when there is a puppy around - they will find everything!

    **I am "new" follower (but I was following before using a different account), I changed my URL address, come check out my new page!

  10. I lost a pair of Costa's the same way.. Hubs said it was my fault that I left them on the coffee table. Wonder if it was his fault they ate his rainbows then?!?

  11. Oh no! We dealt with those issues when our pups were little.

    It just eats me up when they are naughty. I hate disciplining - I'm such a softie!

  12. ok, i'm officially obsessed with your blog and think i've read and commented on, like every entry from august thru july so far! but i have to say one more thing - sheepies must love sunglasses! stella's most favorite thing is chewing on the plastic material glasses are made from. so far i'm down 1 pair of reading glasses, 1 pair of prada sunglasses, and my poor hub walks around in public with puppy teeth indentions on his sunglasses. she'll be 3 on christmas day (her original name was merry christmas!) and i think finally she's outgrowing her puppy ways


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