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Wednesday's Guest Post: Remember, It's All Worth Celebrating

This guest-posting hosting shtick is pretty sweet! I love having a mash-up of some of my favorite bloggers showcased here on ILYMTC. I'll admit, the wheels are a'turning and I may start featuring a favorite or two every so often. Today's post comes to you today all thanks to the wonderful and fabulous S from Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life. 

Hi, I'm SEL from Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life. If you're interested in a humorous look at teaching, Mommyhood and domesticity, hop over to my blog!

When I was younger, I got inspired to start (and keep for several years) a gratitude journal. Oprah gave me the idea and, let's be honest, Oprah has some pretty fabulous ideas.

So, I started my list every evening, writing at least five things I was grateful for.  For example, dated August 23, 1999, I have written down the following in my journal:

Today I am grateful for:
 1.) it being my birthday
 2.) that people were kind enough to call me to say happy birthday
 3.) that my parents were thoughtful enough to take me out on my birthday
 4.) that I'm able to see another birthday

So, apparently it ALL revolved around me right before I started my twenties. And, I'm okay with that. I was still grateful and that's what matters.

However, the "things" that I'm grateful for in life have changed in the past 12 years. From being grateful that I have "friends" to now being grateful that my husband is my best friend, things change.

And alas, as things that I am grateful for change, so too do the things I celebrate.

For example, I used to celebrate the fact that I was given permission by the parentals to stay out past my oh-so-risky curfew of 11 pm. Now? I would love to be in bed by 11. Or even 10. But gosh 9 pm sounds even better.

But I digress.

I've compiled my top ten list of things I celebrate. Perhaps you have some similar ones, or could even start celebrating these things too.

1.) sleeping in. I have a 10 mo old. I don't sleep in enough. 'Nuff said.
2.) being bilingual. My husband is Bolivian, thus, he speaks Spanish. Now I can nag him to get things done in English AND Spanish. This to me, friends, is winning.
3.) all green lights en route to your destination. Albeit this has only happened to me once in my entire life and naturally, I was already running early.  BUT, it did happen, and I sort of felt like I won the lottery. A small lottery, but a lottery nonetheless.
4.) manners. I was raised to be polite and courteous. Cheers for not insulting your host and making them want to kick you out. Double cheers if you were ever invited back a second, third, and so on, time!
5.) success. Whether it's from completing a project on time, staying on track at the gym, or seeing your frenemy from HS that is at least 50 lbs heavier than you now, go celebrate your success. Skinny Girl Margaritas, anyone?
6.) happiness. In this day and age, any person can find any thing to complain about. Those that aren't complaining a lot are, in my opinion, the ones that have found happiness. Maybe it's in their job, marriage, parenting role, etc. But they've found "it".  That definitely needs to be celebrated!
7.) blogger, twitter, facebook, pinterest. I celebrate these websites because without them, my sleep would be longer, heart less full, stalking less capable, and bank account bigger.
8.) cute and squishy babies. They spit up on you. Throw up on you. Pee, poo and spit up some more on you. They don't want you to sleep and Lord knows as soon as you lay your head down, their internal "Wake up, Wake up, Mommy's trying to rest!!" alarm goes off and they promptly wake up to let you know that you will not, in fact, rest when you want to. So why celebrate them? Cause they're cute. And cuddly. And they make your heart melt when they look into your eyeballs. Plus, being squishy never hurts.
9.) you. You're an individual. You've reached goals in life. You've made people smile. You've reached this point in your life. Why NOT celebrate yourself?
10.) opportunities. To dream, achieve, reach, be, for the chance to be something.

So, what small moments or are you celebrating? 
Remember, it's all worth celebrating. XO!

SEL, girlfriend, thanks so much for offering to help a sistah out. I cannot thank you enough for guesting on such short notice! As always, you rock

Happy Wednesday, Loyals! 

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  1. I'm a big fan of gratitude lists and a HUGE fan of Oprah. I miss her already. Love the guest post and I'll be hitting up your blog for sure.


  2. So true...I wish more people would remember things like this, it seems everyone has a million things to complain about everyday.


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