Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Would Make Out With Matt AND Jennifer. Simultaneously. No, Really.

I don't even know where to start. Do I start with my weakness for emo boys who play guitar? Or my soft spot for beautiful southern girls with killer pipes and great hair? Okay, let's be honest. Emo boys who play guitar win that round hands down.
I have been a major fan of Matt Nathanson since my freshman year of college. Mind you, that was nearly ten years ago, but if you take away anything from today's post, PLEASE download a few of his songs. You won't regret it. Here's the video of Matt's track, "Car Crash," one of Carter's favorite songs. No, really. It was the one song I played over and over to The Belly while pregnant. Today? He rocks out to it.
Yes, he's a little on the short side, but he's gotMcDreamy hair, a beautiful scruffy face and an amazing voice which in my book? Totally makes up for the lack of height. He's got the kind of folky-voice that made for the perfect accompaniment to those up-all-night study sesh's back in nursing school. Okay, okay since we're being brutally honest here, his songs have also graced one or two {or three.. or four..} "make out playlists" back in the day. Don't laugh, I know you have one or two of those, too. I may or may not still use mine.
Thanks to my most favorite Aunt-in-Law ever, I had the opportunity not only to see my boy Matty live this past weekend, but Sugarland as well. And if you didn't follow my incessant tweeting throughout the concert, then let me just tell you IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER SEEN. And believe me, I've seen a lot of concerts. Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R, Toby Keith, Rascall Flats, just to name a few.
A-mazing. My boy Matty was spot on. You know when an artist sounds nothing like his records? Well, Matt sounded identical. Actually, even better. As part of Sugarland's opening act, he only played a set of four or five songs but I was screaming like a little girl when he came back out later in the show to sing a few more songs with Jennifer Nettles.
Double swoon.

Speaking of Jennifer Nettles, this girl is just so damn cute. Shaking her little butt, singing her little heart out, rocking out in the most badass way that only female country singers know how to do.

I fell in love with Sugarland the first time I had seen them open for a Kenny Chesney concert a few years back. I remember frantically entering her band name into my "notes" section on my phone so that I'd remember to download a few of her songs. My love was further rekindled when she opened for Keith Urban a year later. And let me tell you, that luuuuurve is still going strong. Not only did she resurrect some of her classic songs, but she played a ton of new songs from her brand new album "The Incredible Machine." One of my absolute favorites off of this album is the song, "Tonight."

It was one of the best nights I've had in a long time. You know those nights? Perfect weather, live outdoor music, great company? Heaven.

Oh and what made the night even better? As if it could possibly get any better? Little Big Town, Sugarland and Matt Nathanson coming together at the end of the show to sing, "It's the End of the World As We Know It," you know, in celebration of the... un-rapture.

I may have little to no voice today. I may be a little sleep deprived. I may have woken up feeling like I got punched in the face. But? It was just what this Mama needed.
Happy Tuesday, Loyals!
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  1. I've always wanted to see Sugarland in concert. I bet they put on one helluva show!

  2. So jealous! That would be a great concert- sugarland puts on a great show..
    You've seen the boss???? How wonderful!

  3. Oooh yay!!!

    In honor of your post, I changed my profile photo. :)

    So glad you had a great time!!

    I lovelovelove summer country concerts!

  4. Sounds like you had an AWESOME time! I love it when the artist sounds just in good in person as on the record! It's very rare these days!

  5. I don't think we can be friends anymore. You spelled my boy Springsteen's name wrong! Gah! Aren't you a native of Jersey, too? Double gah!!

  6. Love it! I'm such a concert girl--one of my favorite things about summer!

  7. I am so jealous but so glad you had such a great time!!

    And, one of the members of Little Big Town is my BFF's cousin!

  8. Love DMB! And I also love outdoor concerts. I would like to see Sugarland. They came to OK but it was inside and I just refuse to go to indoor concerts.

  9. Can I just tell you how insanely jealous I am of you right this second?! Oh lord, saw Matt a few months ago at the Aspen songwriter's festival and it was awesome. If you want me to add you to the blog so you can see the post I did on it, email me :)


  10. What a great line-up! I love all those singers you love.. so I am going to have to look-up this Matty! :)

  11. I adore Sugarland! They might just be my favorite band/singer of all time. I'm thirty so that says a lot right? :)

    Anyway, I always wanted JN to be my sis!

  12. I LOVE sugarland...and I would LOVE to see them in concert! so jealous!

  13. I met him!!! Matt Nathanson, that is. He came to play at my college, and being on the Campus Activities Board did have its perks. That, and being whiny and friends with the kid in charge of concerts, who snuck us in to meet him.

    I was wearing an unflattering shirt with my hair up in a tight ponytail, and got a picture with him. He looks good...

    Glad you had lots of fun!!!

  14. Mr. Nathanson definitely made a playlist or 10 during my college days. I think I might just click over to his Slacker station now! And J. Nettles is my man's absolute favorite. I had no idea they were touring together!


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