Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Can I Get A What What...."


Ok, you got me. What I really meant to ask was, "Can I Get A Vote Vote..." You see, we're in the running to be in The Circle of Mom's Top 25 Baby Journals and I've been doing a poor job of pimping both myself and Carter out.
You see, it's really hard to sit down and pimp oneself out when as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, my son's head manages to connect with every single sharp corner in the entire office. Sure, I could wait until he goes down for a nap, but we all know that rarely happens. And when am I supposed to clean the house? And do laundry? And fulfill all those other wifely duties?
So, could you help a Mama out? We'd love your vote. Just click that button. Oh and while we're at it, could you vote daily? I know, I might as well ask for your first born. But this contest is open through May 16th and you can vote daily.
So, if you love us or more specifically if you love this little here blog, could you vote? Pretty please? We'd be so grateful. And let us know if there's anything we can do for you! I'm sure this goes against all other your-blog-is-in-a-contest rules, but we've been voting daily for some of our favorite friends, too.  
Thanks, Loyals! And Many Thanks to those of you who've been voting for our little slice of the interwebs. Now, if you'll excuse me, C is headed directly f o r t h e s t a i .....
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