Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy Smokes, Happy 10 Months, C! {Because Curse Words Aren't Appropo for Post Titles..}

Because turning 10 months old must be like having a quarter-life crisis. Only smaller.

Ten months. Three hundred and three days. Some days? It feels like just yesterday I was being wheeled into OR number 1, counting down the minutes until we'd hear your sweet cry. Other days? It feels like you've been a part of our family since before we can remember. Truly, a perfect fit. Happy Ten Months, Carter-ito. What a ten months it's been! What have you been up to this month?

We took you to see the pedi for your 9 month well visit at 9.5 months old. At that time, you were weighing in at the 67th percentile for weight at 22lbs and totally off the charts for height at 32 inches. The pedi said you're the size of an average 18-24month old. No big deal.

You're still wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and a size 5 overnight. As soon as we finish the 160-something size 4's in your closet, we'll be moving you on up to the size 5's. Sorry kid, but diapers are expensive these days! 

You're rocking a size 5 shoe and I think it's time to invest in a pair of sturdy walking sneaks. Part of me feels like if I don't buy you proper walking shoes, maybe you'll just stay my little cruising baby forever. Right

You're comfortably wearing 18month T's and 12month shorts and pants. John-johns, rompers, bubbles and other one-piece jams fit you perfect in 18month sizes. Your "big boy" two piece jammies are also 18month size and there have been a few mornings when you've woken up without your pants on. You are your father's son, that's for sure

You are an absolute bottomless pit when it comes to chowing down. Your tenth month has brought you to new horizons on the food front- 75% of your solids meals are now table food and boy, you love your food. Oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit, scrambled eggs with cheese, veggie burgers with a dash of ketchup, chunks of cheese and every kind of fruit under the sun.  You even nom'd on pasta and some delish Indian cuisine while out on a lunch date with one of your many girlfriends. You didn't bat an eye when munching on some Chicken Tikka Masala and turmeric soaked rice and very loudly asked for more.

You're still drinking 3 8oz bottles of formula during the day and have started taking a cup of whole milk in your sippy with lunch. You snack on plenty of puffs and yogurt melts throughout the day with sippies full of water and a squeeze of lemon. You also love a sippy filled with half-water and half-apple juice. You also love your cheese. Nobody better mess when you're sitting down to a tray full of cheddar. You are SO your Mama's child, babe

You can officially say three words this month! You say "Mama" all the time and especially when you want something. When you're hungry, when you want "down," when you're in your crib and want out, it's nothing but "Ma-ma, Ma-ma, Ma-ma." You say "Dada," but I'm not quite sure you've actually linked it to Daddy and your newest word? "Hi!" All. the. time. You say "hi" to Sheepie and you love to say "hi" to all the strangers at the grocery store. You're such a little social ham, it kills me! 50% of the time, you'll even include a wave. 

Although you haven't taken any solo steps yet, I know they're right around the corner. You cruise from couch to ottoman to Sheepie to toy like it's your job and you've mastered standing and sitting without holding onto to anything. Of course you like to practice this new trick the most when you're in the bathtub. You love walking all over the house holding onto Mama or Daddy's hands. 

You love to climb the stairs. All 14 of them. At mach speed

You started taking showers with Mama during the day this month and love sitting beneath the stream of water, sometimes with your mouth open. Strange, indeed. As soon as you hear the water turn on, you crawl your little nakey hiney directly to the nearest tub and try to climb in. 

You attended your second wedding this month, this time for Auntie Colleen in South Jersey. You were ridiculously well-behaved and got the chance to meet a lot of Mama's old work friends. Everyone loved you to pieces and you especially loved the cheesecake. 

The only time you'll give anyone kisses, usually just your Mama, is when you're absolutely exhausted and ready for either a nap or sleep. You'll lean your face in ever so slowly and plant your drooly open mouth right on Mama's and say "Maaahh." You're such a silly little man, Carter, but Mama just eats it up. 

One of our favorite things to do this month is to go on play dates with a couple of Mommy's friends and their little girls from Stroller.Strides. Mama really likes these play dates because this means we can sneak in a late afternoon nap, something you don't usually take! OK, let's be honest. Mama really likes these play dates because it gives her some company to share an afternoon glass of wine {or Mike's Hard Lemonade?} with. No judgies.

You love your Sophie, zooming around the house in your walker, your stackable rings, your plastic baby pool and knocking down stacks of wooden blocks. You LOVE "talking" on the cell phone to Gammie and Poppy and your face lights up whenever you hear their voice on the phone. 

One of your favorite games to play is to empty any and all plastic bins and boxes full of your toys and one-by-one, pick up all your toys and put them back in the basket or bin where they came from. Hopefully you keep this penchant for tidying up!

You also love to help Mama and Daddy empty and load the dishwasher. And by "help?" I mean you like to crawl up onto the door and sit there, emptying out every single piece of silverware onto the floor. 

No new teeth this month- still hanging onto the original four! 

Happy Ten Months, Carter-ito. Your Daddy and I love you to bits and pieces and there's nothing in this life that brings us greater happiness than watching you grow! 

Onward to one! Let the crazy party prep continue... 

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  1. Happy 10 months Carter!! You are looking more handsome than ever with those big blue eyes and all that hair! Gah AP, doesn't he look so grown up this month?! Seriously, he looks so much like a little boy, not so baby anymore :(

  2. Holy guacamole.. 2 more months till the big day ahhhhhh

    Happy 10 months Carter Boy!

    How are you doing fruits.. E does chunks of fruit but not all fruits are soft enough.. and we had a major scary chocking event at olive garden about a week ago :(

    Do you cook the fruit or mash it?

    We have been doing showers too sooo fun! You are brave if your doing them by yourself.. we wait until daddys home to pass off the slick nakey babe

  3. Happy 10 Months Carter! What a tall boy :) He does look like a little man. They grow up too fast!

  4. Happy 10 Months C. I love his pics. Very cute and he looks like his is quite the little mover.

  5. Happy 10 months!!!

    He's gorgeous, seriously. And our kiddos are like twins I swear. Well, not looks wise but she eats EVERYTHING, almost walking, and LOVES showers with the mama! :)

    When day was he born? Our babes must be like a week apart! Carly was born on July 22nd :)

    I'm in full blown party mode too... what's your theme? I need help with decor ideas!!!

  6. This makes me so excited for the future with Chase. Hard to believe he will change that much in 9 months! Carter's got some big hands! Chase has had big hands since birth. Carter is so cute!

  7. Happy 10 months Carter! Such a big boy - he might be about Tommy's height and he's almost 21 months! Eeek! No surprise on how adorable the pics are either!

  8. Happy 10 months! It goes so quickly, doesn't it?? Enjoy it (and those afternoon glasses of wine, of course ;)!

  9. Double digits! Haha, oh that first picture is a classic!

  10. He looks so big!!! I mean look at his hands! He's like a full on little boy now!

    BG and I thoroughly enjoy our morning shower too. I just enjoy being able to take longer than a two second shower!!

  11. He looks way too grown up in that first picture!!

  12. Happy 10 months! Wow, what a big boy! He's almost as big as my bigger twin (who's 16 months, but in all fairness started out at 4 lbs, 8 oz.). Mommy, enjoy this stage because it doesn't last long!

  13. His face in the first picture is priceless!

  14. Happy 10 months to your precious baby boy. You were my first follower on my blog waaaaayy back in the day (June 2009), I gave up blogging for awhile but am now back. How awesome to see your beautiful growing family!!! congrats to you! I look forward to reading more about your fun times! =)

  15. Happy 10 months Carter!! You are one handsome little dude!

  16. Carter looks so cute in those photographs!!

  17. I love his little teeth! He's just precious!


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