Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can You Guess What Time It Is?

Sweet potatoes, pears, avocados! Oh My!!

Just when I thought I wouldn't get use out of all those kitchen doo-dads we were given as wedding gifts...

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  1. I love that recipe book holder in the back!! super cute :) xxxoo

  2. Looks like someone is getting ready to start solid foods! I'm hoping we can wait till closer to 6 mos...this working mama is in no hurry to add one more step in an already packed routine!

  3. We make ours, too! I borrowed my sister's Babycook. We did green beans last week and are now doing peas this week. So cheap to make your own! I am sure you know this already but I make a week's worth ahead of time and put it into ice cube trays, which are an ounce each. Pop it into the freezer and you get instant frozen servings to heat up. Have fun entering the solids stage!

  4. are those the foods your starting him on? I triple heat avacados

  5. Time to make baby food!? I'm totally making KPs and if all goes well I'm looking to sell it at our farmers market!

  6. HAVE FUN!!!!! I love making my own baby food! There's a great website called that has TONS of information. All you could ever want to know about making your own food!


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