Thursday, December 30, 2010

Carter, Seriously. You're FIVE Months Old?

Mister Carter, you are five months old today. It's been an unbelievable blessing, watching you grow and change this past month. Just when I think you've mastered something new, you completely astound your Daddy and I, as you show us something else you've never done before. I think the biggest change we've noticed in you, these past few weeks, is your personality starting to shine through. I cannot wait to see how you develop into your own over the next few months, but let me just say that I've never enjoyed you more than this month! (Now, we all know I'll be saying the same next month, no doubt!)

You smile and laugh all the time. No, really. All the time. When you think something is really funny, you wrinkle up your nose and make this "Yeahhhhhh" sound and it just makes me laugh outloud. I can't help  myself. Something tells me you're going to be quite the mischevious little boy.

You started solids this month. Mama has been making her own and you can't get enough of it. We're so blessed to have such an un-picky baby. I have a feeling you'll be the kind of baby who will eat anything, which is more than I can say for your Daddy. Your Mama, however, would and still will eat just about anything. What have you noshed on this month? Sweet potatoes and pears were up first. Down the hatch without the bat of an eyelash. Then you started apples and although impartial, you gulped them right down. I was a bit nervous starting peas, as even your Mama refuses to eat them, but you gobbled them up without stopping. Your absolute favorite, however, has been butternut squash. I can't spoon it into your mouth fast enough. As soon as you've swallowed, you yell at me to feed you some more. It cracks me up! The latest fruit we've added to your menu has been bananas, and without surprise, you love those too. You're such a happy, healthy eater Carter! We're so proud of you. Most days, it's either a fruit with oatmeal or a veggie with rice in the morning. Lately, though, we've started adding your veggie in during the evening hours with your fruit and oatmeal after your morning nap. Meal times are definitely your favorite times of the day!

You've most definitely found your feet this month. You've notcied them in passing before, mostly dressed up in footie jamjams with animal heads on them, but you're pretty much unstoppable now. Every time you're on your back, especially when changing your diaper, you immediately grab your footsies and draw them into your mouth!

On December 10th, you rolled from back to belly for the very first time, while playing on your playmat in the living room. Of course, we celebrated as if you'd just won the presidential election and you went on to roll from back to belly five more times after that! Ever since then, you've been a rolling machine. Only in one direction though. You haven't quite grasped the concept of rolling belly to back, but each day you get closer. Mostly because once you find yourself on your belly, you become easily frustrated and Mommy is getting tired of rolling you back over every three minutes!

You've started talking to Sheepie in a very special voice reserved solely for him. You're voice gets all quiet and low-toned and serious and you kind of just mumble and mumble and coo at him. You love that Sheepdog of yours and you never miss the chance to put your hands all over his face and through his hair. Sheepie is such a good boy and lets you do whatever you want. He does, however, never miss the chance to lick your face when you're in your swing or on your playmat. Ick.

You celebrated two Christmases this month! Your first was with Grandma and Granddad and your Uncles and Aunts who live in Maryland. Your second Christmas (the real Christmas) was celebrated here in Maryland but with your Gammy, Poppy and Uncle Woobie. You received so many great gifts from Santa family, but you're all time favorite has been Dance Star Mickey! Carter, you are such a special little boy. Everyone loves you so much and it just makes your Daddy's and my heart swell to see you loved and spoiled by so many. 

Mama and Daddy dragged you outside during your first snowfall and you looked at us like we were crazy. 

You love to reach for Mommy's face whenever we're laying down together. You also love to yank her earrings, her hair, her nose- basically anything you can get your little fingers around!

You're wearing size 3 diapers, 9 month stretchies (Carter's) 12 month stretchies (The Children's Place) as well as 6-12month shirts and pants from places like Old Navy and The Gap. 

You're sleeping through the night like a champ, going down for the night between 8 and 9pm and waking up without fail, at 6:30am every morning. Your Mama really enjoys the early morning hours with you, although she may not act like it in the beginning. We've slipped into a little routine of sharing a morning bottle/cup of coffee around 7am, kissing Daddy goodbye as he heads off to work and then settling in for a little snuggle session on the couch as we watch Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse. 

You've started a very loose nap routine. I say "loose," because most days you don't nap at all, but we're getting lucky when you fall asleep for a bit after Mickey. On a good day, you'll sleep for an hour or two, which is just enough time for Mama to straighten up a few rooms, maybe prep dinner and even fold a load of laundry or two.

You shocked your pediatrician earlier this month when we told him that you were already sitting unassisted for a few seconds at a time. You're getting stronger and stronger every day and you LOVE sitting up and taking in all that's going on around you. You start to topple as soon as you get excited about something and either throw your arms in the air or try and push yourself backwards. When you do topple, you think it's the funniest thing ever. You're such a silly little boy!

You've mastered the art of blowing raspberries and you think they are a perfectly acceptable form of communication. You wake up doing, you fall asleep doing them. As soon as Mommy does them to you, you echo them right back. You're a spitting, raspberry blowing mess. But the cutest one there is.

In addition to your already mastered "ooh's and ahh's and ee's" you've started making the "M" sound and even the "baba" sound. You love to mimic Mommy and Daddy when we make those sounds to you!

Five months, sweet Carter. As much as I would love for you to stay little, your Daddy and I want you to continue growing into the healthy, strong, fearless little man we know you're meant to be. Each day we love you more, Baby C. More and more than we knew possible! Happy Five Months! 


  1. These always make me cry but in a good way! I always look forward to these and even though I didn't do it with my first baby I plan to do it again when the next baby comes around! Thanks so much for sharing these! They are so sweet and so hilarious!!! Carter is just a doll ;)

  2. Ditto on the squash. If Connor could pick his menu, squash would all he would pick. His faces when eating Avocado are priceless. If it wasn't such a superfood, I wouldn't force it down him. I LOVE the picture of Carter with the book. Precious. Just wait for this upcoming month. My favorite yet! Happy 5 months, Carter!

  3. I love how all momma's brag on their kids :) We're so self centered when it comes to our babies and rightfully so. lol. ;)

    Miss E was a rolling machine at that point too. Cute and sweet, but omggggg she could get into everything. And now? She can really get everywhere.


    In the beginning I used to be all "stay little forever"--but it REALLY is fun watching them do new things. I mean, Eme ate RITZ crackers this week---omigahHOWDIDSHEGETSOOLD???

    Sweet Carter, boy...

  4. As always, I heart this. And you. And could have written this exact post to Smith and it would have worked just the same. I'll say it again.... WHY DONT WE LIVE CLOSER TOGETHER??!!

  5. Five months!!! Wow! What a sweetheart.

  6. It is amazing how big they get - when I read the part about 9 month and 12 month stretchies I was like "crap, I need to stop buying 0-3 month clothes!" You're making me so anxious to meet our little one!!!

  7. awe I almost got KP those leg warmers for x-mas!!!

  8. He is too cute! And I can't believe how big he getting!

  9. Friend! How do you survive with NO NAPS???!!! Your little man has got stamina! :)

  10. Aww so sweet! I love reading these updates. He's such a handsome little man!


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