Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Another First of Many.

When you have a baby, each month brings with it many "firsts."

In the beginning, there's the "first smile," and the "first laugh." 
Baby's "first night in the crib" followed by baby's "first sleeping through the night."

You've journaled milestone after milestone
including the "first roll over" and the "first taste of solids."

There's baby's "first holiday," "first road trip,"
"first night away from Mommy and Daddy."

And you know you're a couple of crazy first-time parents
when you're waking your darling baby up from a nap,
stuffing him into a snowsuit and running him outside
to take pictures of him during his "first snowfall."


  1. What a cutie! We got our toddler a little Nortface, too. My sister thought I was crazy, but I justified it by buying it two sizes too big so that he can wear it next winter. That makes it okay, right?

  2. Awwwww... sheesh I can't wait to have a baby! Well, I can wait... but when I read your posts it makes me heart swell a little and I long for feeling that way about my own little baby. You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous healthy little boy!

  3. What a cute kid and beautiful memories. I'm visiting from undeservingrace.com I'd love to have you drop in for a visit when you get the chance! have a very blessed Christmas....{tara}

  4. LOL! I remember doing that with the snowsuit last December! Someone gave us a gorgeous Land's end one, which Tommy wore 2x for abot 5 minutes each. So funny!!!

  5. Oh I love this!! I hope we get some snow this year for little's first snow!

  6. We did the same thing last year! But seeing as we live in TX and rarely get snow, I didn't even have a heavy coat for the poor babe! Oh well - at least I got a pic! HA!


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