Monday, December 27, 2010

Carter Gives This Santa Guy One Thumbs Up!

Santa must've received Carter's letter and added him to his Nice list.
He brought him lot's and lot's of great presents and Carter loved
watching Mommy and Daddy open them!  

Carter gives his First Christmas a thumbs up!

One thing I've learned this year? Do not attempt to go to 3:15pm Mass on Christmas Eve again. If I somehow ever forget the madness that was standing room only as early as an HOUR before Mass, please direct me to this blog post. As members of a new church, we must've missed that memo in the New Member packet.

Despite the madness, Carter was unbelievably well-behaved and looked dashingly handsome in his monogrammed Jon-Jon. I'm still working on convincing my husband that Carter will need additional monogrammed Jon-Jons for every major holiday, including his birthday. 

Sitting unassisted like a big boy in front of his tree!

Santa brought Carter so many fun presents: a Radio Flyer push-walker wagon, shape blocks, lot's of books, a few new sleeper stretchies and handsome "big boy" outfits  in size 9 month (!!) and a discovery toy for his high chair tray. Santa also brought Carter his favorite new toy: Dancing Singing Mickey Mouse! Thanks, Santa Gammy and Poppy!

"Hey, Mama! We have the same ears?!"

Poppy teaching Carter how to send his first email. Do you think he sent one to his Mama? Or maybe a "thank you" email to Santa Clause?

I've always loved this time of year, but having a baby to celebrate with has made it extra magical. I'm really looking forward to future Christmases, whern Carter is a bit more aware and can truly appreciate and enjoy the spirit of the holiday! I can't even imagine that this time next year he'll be a walking/running/babbling little boy. That just blows my mind!

Is it wrong to want to leave my garland and twinkly white lights up all year round? The house just looks so perfect all Christmas-prettied up! I am more than ready to take down our Christmas tree, however. I'm sick and tired of vacuuming needles up twice a day!

Carter's first Christmas has certainly been a memorable one. We're so lucky to have so many friends and family both spoil and love all over our little prince. We've loved having Gammy, Poppy and Woobie (my brother) stay with us for the holiday and thanks to the "Great Blizzard of 2010," we were lucky to have them stay with us for an extra couple of days! Carter has, without a doubt, loved the extra time with his favorite Gammy and Poppy and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't love having my mom dote all over us. Having her throw in a few loads of laundry, mercilessly clean our kitchen and cook delicious meals each night has been the best Christmas present ever.  

Speaking of Christmas presents, why is it that before Mr. Carter arrived, I had no trouble dropping a pretty penny on clothes for myself, but now that I was gifted with a few dollars to buy Mama a brand new sweaterjeans, shirt, pair of shoes, bag, I can't stand the thought of spending that money? Granted, I am in serious need of some new clothes, but it just kills me to spend money like I used to. JCrew? I'm sorry. But we're breaking up. End of story. It's not me, it's you. And your overpriced, slightly hideous new threads. For YEARS, I only shopped you and your dry-clean only t-shirts. So much so, that now that we've broken up, I don't even know where else to shop. The Gap? Do people still shop there? I got an email from South Moon Under telling me to go check out their ridiculously marked-down clearance items, and ridiculous they were! Fifty-nine dollars for a tank top? My, oh my, how my life has changed...

While I relish in the last few hours with Gammy, Poppy and Woobie, you tell me: Were you on Santa's nice list? What was your favorite Christmas present?


  1. Ahhh my parish back at home is so huge that there is a 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mass--but the 4 and 6 there are two masses: one up in the church (that holds 2,100) and then the overflow have to go to church in the cafeteria. We got to church at 2:45 and barely found a place to sit in the sanctuary!!! Catholics are insane! Thankfully, once it is full, our priest goes ahead and starts mass. So, instead of over an hour wait, we started mass at 3:20 and were out by 4:15! Not too shabby! But mental note made: next year, we have to be there that early again!

  2. What great photos! Carter is the cutest, and it looks like y'all had an amazing first Christmas together as a family. So sweet! Happy holidays!

  3. I LOVE that picture of him giving the thumbs up cute!! Yeah it is funny how your shopping habits change once you have a little one. Some things just aren't worth spending the money on.

  4. 1) He is PRECIOUS!!! and 2)Basically my entire mom wardrobe is from Gap! They have stepped it up!Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  5. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! And I totally agree on the clothes for yourself...I found myself wondering the other day if maybe an XS shirt from Motherhood Maternity (the size I wore even when I was 39 weeks) could pass for regular clothing!?!? When/How did this happen to us? Haha!

  6. We had a Mass mishap as well. We usually go to midnight Mass. This year, now with Connor, we thought 4 PM Mass would be fine. I was standing at the back door it was so crowded! I just sent Adam home with Connor (he's Lutheran). No point in him sticking around and both of us being miserable!

    I love the first picture. Isn't the holidays the BEST with little ones? So magical.

  7. What precious, precious pictures! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas indeed :)

  8. He is soo precious!! That sounds just like our church every holiday mass is out of control! I don't know if you've been in a South Moon Under lately but they have drastically changed the brands they carry and they have super affordable items now! I hadn't been in over a year b/c everything was so expensive so I was shocked when I went!! You should check it out.

  9. Glad y'all had a great first Christmas! It blows my mind to imagine what these kiddos will be like next year at this time!

  10. I totally feel you. We received a good amount of cash when all was said and done for the husband's birthday and Christmas from various aunts, uncles and grandparents...and I just transferred it all to ING. Who am I?!?!

  11. Seriously, what is it with the men?!? I am trying super hard to convince my hubby about jon-jons too! And by convince, I mean just dress Timothy before Brandon can say anything each and everyday! :)

    Our church offered multiple Christmas services, we opted for the first one on Wednesday night, thinking it would be the least crowded.. we got the last three seats down stairs (in a 2,000 seater!) It was crazy!

  12. oh my gosh that thumbs up photo is hilarious! definitely one to have framed and bring out with the christmas decorations every year!

  13. SHUT UP!! He's so giving a thumbs up! HOw damn cute is that!?

  14. Loft has amazing sales almost everyday. Right now it is 50% off everything, including clearance. Make sure you sign up for their email to get word of the deals.

  15. Carter is just precious! And, I agree he does need monogrammed jon-jons for every major holiday and of course his birthday!

    I don't like to spend $$ on me anymore either, but sometimes it's necessary! I NEED new clothes!

    My favorite gift this year was a serger!


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