Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carter Michael, You are 4 Months Old!

Carter-man, I feel like I begin every single one of these monthly posts the same way. I simply cannot believe you are four months old. My baby is four months old! How did this happen? Every day you are growing and changing before your daddy's and my eyes. This month, you haven't so much grown up, as you have grown out! Daddy and I laugh every time we see that belly of yours hanging over your pants! You are one well-fed little boy, yessir! What have you been up to this month?

16 pounds 3 ounces (75th percentile) 
26.8 inches long (95th percentile)
(the next michael jordan? perhaps!)

- Mommy and Daddy had their first unofficial "date night." We left you with your Gammie and Poppy for a handful of hours so that we could attend the rehearsal dinner of your Uncle B. We left you for just shy of five hours and from what Gammie and Poppy told (or didn't tell) us, you did marvelously.

- You attended your first wedding and made a quick appearance at the reception. In your jam jams. Although you spent most of your time upstairs in our hotel room with Gammie and Poppy, everyone at the wedding got a kick out of you! They couldn't stop telling us how handsome you are! You spent nine hours away from Mommy on this day and she missed your guts terribly! Eventually Mommy will get better at leaving you with others, but she's certainly not ready yet! Good thing you don't go off to college for another 17 years! Hello, "attachment-parenting!"


- You are truly interested in reading books and you love story time. Mommy reads so many books to you, but you especially love Alexander and The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

- You had your very first formula bottle the week before your Uncle B's wedding. After a little trial and error, you didn't bat an eyelash at Similac's Alimentum. A boy after my own heart, you only love the most expensive. We know you don't have a milk sensitivity, so after a few weeks, we began introducing Similac Sensitive with a little bit of rice mixed in. Mommy is still breastfeeding 2-3 times per day, but supplements with 2-3 formula bottles per day as well. You're not a spitter-upper (and haven't been since the day we brought you home) but your burps could rival a grown man's! Hysterical!


- You have a raging appetite little man. You will eat 8-10 ounces every 4 hours. Mommy just couldn't keep up! We have your doctor's appointment scheduled for later in the week and we will most certainly be asking the doctor about introducing solids!

- You love your bath time and doing "crazy legs" in the tub. You make a gigantic mess. You are getting better about liking getting out of the tub. Before, it was Meltdown City, but now? You're only a little crankster.

- You've been sleeping through the night for a little under two months now. You'll typically go down for the night around 8 or 9pm and sleep until 5am. Mommy needs to start going to bed a little earlier so that she can appreciate these long stretches! You're still not sleeping in your crib. We've tried a few times putting you back down in there after your 5am wake-up feeding, but it's way too roomy and the minute you're down against the mattress, your arms stretch out and your eyes pop wide open. We're looking for suggestions on how to make your crib feel a bit more... womby. You've been leading the charge ever since you arrived and I have a feeling when you're ready, you'll take to it just fine. Mommy and Daddy are in no rush.

- You talk all the time. When you're not talking, you're shrieking and doing "The Screamies." You crack yourself up.

- You LOVE when Sheepie licks your hands and I've even caught you sticking your hand out when he walks by, just so that he'll stop for a taste. Sheepie loves you so much and I can't wait to see how you two bond over the next year!

- You immediately put everything in your mouth. Toys, books, your hands, fingers. Mommy and Daddy's hands, etc. You're a drooling mess, too. Welcome to bib city, sir. No teeth buds yet! But we're waiting!

- You celebrated your first Thanksgiving in New Jersey and saw your first snow flurries! Mommy gave you a taste of sweet potatoes from her place and you kept smacking your lips and coo'ing loudly. I'm pretty sure you wanted more, but Mommy just wants to run it by the pedi first!

- The day before Thanksgiving, you ate your rice cereal off of a spoon! Mommy and Daddy took nearly 300 pictures and although you weren't too sure about it in the beginning, you LOVED it by the time we were done and kept guiding the spoon to your mouth! You silly boy, you!

(Whew.. this was a busy month for you!)

- You've started to notice the television and are absolutely captivated by flashing colors and bright lights. You also don't seem to mind watching Ellen with Mommy. Or Regis and Kelly. Thank goodness!

- You're able to sit, tucked inside your Boppy, for a couple of minutes unassisted. It's not so much that you lean left or right, but after those couple of minutes, you take a nosedive into the floor. We're clearly working on the "tripod" sit. Haha, crazy boy!

- You love your play gym and don't mind the Bumbo when Mommy is cooking. You'll tolerate your swing and your bouncy seat for no more than 10 minutes at a time and therefore, you're always keeping Mommy on her toes! Every day we play "Musical Baby Equipment" and bounce between all of your toys! Some days, it's truly exhausting.

- Speaking of exhausting, you are still very anti-nap. You just don't like them and most days, you don't take them. It's not even that you're fussy because of that. You just aren't a napper. That's so very unfortunate. Mommy loves naps.

- You're wearing 6-9month clothes. Mommy and Daddy are shocked. Some of your sleeper stretchies are 6-12 months and fit you perfectly in length! Judging by our scale at home, you're weighing somewhere between 16 and 17 pounds and are roughly 25 and a half inches long. Mommy can't wait to bring you into the pedi to get a true measurement! You are such a happy, healthy and growing boy and we couldn't be more blessed!

Carter Michael, you amaze your Daddy and I every single day. Some days, I just don't understand how my heart could hold so much love for you. But it continues to do so, every single minute of every single day. And then some! We are so excited to see what this next month brings. We love you so much, Carter-man!  


  1. I love this post! So sweet and Carter is just so cute! :)

  2. The whole time I'm reading this I just kept looking at those pictures like, "My gosh he looks like a man!"--like, he is long! tall! And totally more mature looking than 4 months old! Those feet look long too ;) What size is he in shoes?? I have a tiny-footed chica-not from my side. And seriously? His ears...so presh. Do you eat them on a daily basis? I totally would :)

    And his leg warmers are great.

    The bond between dog and baby melts me every damned time.


    Love our babies growing up and simultaneously hate it.

  3. Such a sweet post! He is growing so fast! It doesn't take long and the musical baby equipment stretches into 20-20 minutes. Connor did the same thing and it wore us out as well! Connor gets licks out of Wrigley, too. Even if Wrigley walks into his view, Connor just gives out huge belly laughs. I don't know what is so silly about him, but he sure does love his pup pup! So glad the formula is working out. It is hard to supplement when breastfeeding goes so well but when they get older it is hard to keep up a supply. Plus, there are times when you just want your body back to yourself! Take care!

  4. He is getting SO big!! Love the baby leggings.

  5. Adorable!! How was your date night? Hope it was great!! xxoo

  6. Like you said, this is EXACTLY like Smith! I swear these two were friends in the womb. If that was possible. They plotted to be the same kid upon arrival. Except Carter sleeps through the night where Smith doesn't. But Smith naps like a champ. So, its a toss up.

    He's adorbs!

  7. These posts always make me smile! Thanks for sharing!!! Love the pics he truely is so handsome!!! I did not do this with my first baby but I can't wait to do something similar for the future Baby Burris!

  8. What a cutie! I can relate to so much of your post since Sawyer is just over 4 months too!

    Sawyer also can't be in his swing or bouncy seat for much longer than 10 minutes, but he loves looking at the TV. Uh oh, I hate to already have a TV watcher on my hands! Sawyer also will put anything in his mouth. When I change his diaper, he tries to grab my arm and suck on it.

  9. He is getting so big!!! he's starting to look like a little boy and not a baby! so bittersweet! he's still precious no matter what!

  10. He's so big! I love it!! And his baby legs?! To die for.

    Have you tried swaddling him? BG HATED swaddling, but we did it one night, put her to bed, and she was out. Did not move for 10 hours. We swaddled until she could roll over really well.

  11. Meredith was the same way with her sleeping when she was a baby. She slept through the night pretty much from the start but was HORRIBLE at napping. She started napping maybe around 8 or 9 months? and is still going strong! {fingers crossed it stays that way}

  12. holy smokes!! 4 months!! Carter just gets cuter and cuter..love reading your monthly posts!

  13. Those are some impressive stats! he is such a cutie too. Love all your mom-updates :)


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