Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carter, You are Two Months Old! Now, Stop Growing, Please!

Carter, sweet baby boy! You are two months old today!
Where has the time gone? It's been such a blessing to stay home with you and watch you grow and change each and every day! You are growing and changing right before our eyes and your Mommy and Daddy can't even stand it! Pretty soon, you'll be eating pop tarts and riding the school bus to junior high school! This makes your Momma real sad!

You are 11 pounds and 13oz big. For a strictly breastfed baby, the pediatrician was quite impressed! At 24 and 1/4 inches long, this puts you  in the 97th percentile for growth.
We are so proud! Don't mind if your Momma and Daddy just pat themselves on the back for a moment! The pediatrician also said your muscle tone is like that of a 4 month old! We weren't kidding when we said you'd be eating poptarts and riding the bus real soon! Holy smokes!

You've been smiling the most adorable gummy smile since you were 6 weeks old. You love it best when Poppy talks to you and I think you've given him the most smiles out of us all. Speaking of smiles, you've been drooling up a storm, young man, and it looks like you'll be cutting two teeth very soon! Even within the next month! 

You love to sit up and talk to yourself in the mirror. It takes so much energy to coo and ooh and we can tell you're just dying to speak volumes! You also LOVE to talk to your stuffies and always reach for them with your LEFT hand! I wonder if you'll grow up to be a lefty like your Poppy.

During your second month, you took your first trip to New Jersey to spend a week with Gammy Nonna Bubbe (don't be surprised when we tell you that your Gammy doesn't know what she wants to  be called yet) and Poppy. You slept in the same bassinet that Mommy slept in as a babe! Speaking of sleep, you loathe being swaddled and prefer to sleep on your tummy. It looks like you take after your Momma when it comes to sleep. As in, you don't need much of it. We're lucky if you take one nap during the day, typically one and a half to two hours long and you'll sleep through the night in three to four hour stretches. The pediatrician recommended moving you to your nursery to encourage you to start sleeping through the night, but Mommy isn't sure she buys it.

You thoroughly enjoyed your time in New Jersey- so much that neither of us wanted to come back home! You also met your Great NannyLuv and great cousins, Katie and Jo. Everyone just couldn't get enough of you, little man! Especially Gammy Nonna Bubbe and Poppy. I don't think they set you down for a moment, the entire 8 days we were home!

You've outgrown all of your 0-3 month stretchies and are wearing strictly 3-6 month clothes. I bet by Christmastime, you'll be wearing 6-9month stretchies with those long, long leggies of yours! Let's see. What else, Mr. Carter? You hate having the hiccups and have them pretty frequently. Despite this, you've never spit up! You have, however, poo'd and pee'd all over your Poppy. You just love him that much!

You're eating like a champ, there's no denying that! We've been feeding on demand since you were born and you're suddenly downing 5-7oz per feeding! Mommy has been pulling all sorts of tricks out of her sleeve to keep up with your hungry tummy! Talk about feeling like a dairy cow. But you're definitely worth it, booger! You've begun taking a 6-8oz bottle with Daddy before bed and you love every drop. We just got the green light from your Pedi to add a tablespoon of rice cereal in there if we think you'll enjoy it.

You also took your first trip to Fenwick Island and we can't wait until you're old enough to really enjoy the beach. You loved walking down to the water with Daddy and watching the waves break on the ocean. We think the sound of the waves reminded you of your Sleep Sheep back home!

You truly are the Happiest Baby on the Block and the few times that you do fuss, you make this horrifically sad frown-y face. Your pout little lips make the perfect upside down "U" and we're always saying that it "looks like somebody has their feelings hurt!" It's truly the saddest face I've ever seen and if you keep it up, we're fairly certain you'll get anything and everything your little heart desires.

Happy 2 month Birthday, Little C! We love your little guts!


  1. 1. My little boy is at the same point when it comes to "talking." You can tell he is trying so hard. We hear some coos here and there and when we talk to him, he opens his mouth and focuses hard like he is trying to say something.

    2. Sawyer gets the hiccups all the time too. It used to not bother him but now he fusses when he gets them. Have you heard of gripe water? We use that sometimes. He likes it and it immediately helps.

    3. Anything that you've done to help with milk supply? We've had to supplement with formula at night because Sawyer wasn't gaining weight. But I'd like to increase my milk supply so that I can fully feed him.

    4. Rice cereal in his bottle? I wasn't sure when this started. I guess we'll wait for our doc to mention it. But I've heard that babies sleep much better when you do this.

    Sorry for the long comment. I just love your posts though because my soon is just a little older so I feel like we are at the same point and experiencing the same things!

  2. He is such a long, little man! I would have to agree with the Ped... Connor was sleeping in our room in his swing and waking to eat. As soon as I was comfortable putting him in his crib on his tummy, he was sleeping through the night like a champ! Definitely something to consider. The first few nights you won't get much sleep but it definitely gets easier. We are glad to have our bedroom back! We did get the Angelcare Movement Monitor for peace of mind. If you need help to keep up your supply, Fenugreek has really helped me. I find it at GNC. Have a great rest of the week with your wee one!

  3. I just adore your letter! How cute! He just gets more and mire smoochable with each and every photo. I adore him!

  4. Oh my gosh are those little leggings? I am dying they are sooo ADORABLE!! Where are they from? He is SOOO caaaauuute!!!

  5. 97th percentile! Holy moly you have every right to be very proud parents. And what a doll he is! I just want to squeeze him and take him home *kidding, i know his momma would not like that very much!* but he really is just so precious! And he looks so much older than 2 months... you can just tell he is an overachiever! Love all the pics!

  6. The leggings are so cute! You must share where you got them. Congrats on all the progress!

  7. Gosh his legs are long! Love all the pictures. Happy 2 months, Carter!

  8. awe what a sweet letter! My pedi says KP will be on cereal sooner than later too! Sounds like C is a very happy little man!

  9. Ah! Two months old already?! So sweet!

  10. look how long his legs are!!! My goodness he's going to be a basketball plaer

  11. Such a sweetie and so adorable! Love the leggings...It really does go by too fast. My little guy is a year...and I remember well when he was just 2 months old!

  12. So when I opened this and saw "two months old", I had to double check that I was at the right blog! Tell him to slow down!! And then tell E the same because she's almost 6 months old. I can't take it!!

    He is so long!! Look at his legs! You need to put a basketball in his hands soon!!!

  13. He's gorgeous :) Glad things are going so smoothly for you!!!

  14. his legs are SO long!! i have those same baby legs waiting to be used. ;)

  15. Not gonna lie - those are some long legs Carter has! Long and lean. He is a cutie :) My first son was big like Carter... but more round than long, ha! Too early to tell with my second. I'm hoping for tall kiddos but I'm only 5'2", so there's a chance they'll be miniature like mama.


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