Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do You Smell Something?

Scene: Crossing the Bay Bridge

Hubs: Why won't Sheepie sit down back there?

AP: I dunno. He loves buh-bye rides.

(five minutes pass)

AP: Do you smell kibble? I smell kibble.

Hubs: Maybe Sheepie burped. Let's open the windows, air the car out. (Opens windows)

AP: Now it just smells like breezy kibble. Um. I bet Sheepie threw up.

(Cue Carter meltdown)

We pull off the highway and sure enough, Sheepie threw up kibble and a baby wipe. WTF, Sheepie?Unfortunately, by the time we pulled off the road, only the wipe was left. Gross.

My Dad said it the best. "Save your worries for when Carter vomits up a baby wipe and Sheepie has a meltdown." Woosah.

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  1. bahaha! great quote from your dad, LOL Sorry that happened though! Made a great story ;)

  2. I love Sheepie! What a little cutie

  3. what on earth is appetizing about a wipe? =) Silly Sheepie

  4. gotta keep the road trip interesting I guess!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is too funny! I love that Sheepie threw up a baby wipe. Hilarious!

  6. That's funny! At least Sheepie threw up the wipe. Our American Bulldog died right before our baby was born from eating underwear and couldn't throw them up.

  7. Hahaha your dad's comment is HILAR. I'm sure it's always entertaining with a dog and baby around! Can't wait. :)

  8. Haha! Sheepie sounds like a blast. :)

  9. I think your dad is probably right on!!


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